numbness on feet and burning sensation in calf of leg anyone?

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  1. jan a.

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    I have had for the past 4 months numbness on the bottoms of my feet and sometimes get a hot sensation that seems to move up my left calf from my ankle to my knee on the outer side of my calf....went to a nuerologist who did a sensory test where they shock the leg in all different places to see if the nerves from the foot to the spine are interupted..tests came back negative...I have good circulation so no one can explain this symptom...I was afraid of ms but he didnt order an mri and didnt think it was ms...might try another nuero since I didnt feel comfortable with this one..told him I had cfids and he didnt act like it meant anything...that turns me right off from a dr. right then and there...just wondered if anyone else recognizes these symptoms and if so did you find the cause...thanks for any input...jan a.
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    I have the numbness, tingling., Burning in my feet, legs, hands, arms, back......this is something I experience often and I too have had Neuro tests that come back normal...I guess this is just another one of the Fibro Things......

    It will come on strong at times...out of the blue too..then eventually go away return again ...whenever..

    You are not alone ....Hang in there!!!

    Hugs and Peace
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    This was the first symtom that I had. It was blamed on peripheral neuropothy at first after a emg test. I suffered with this for a few years before having my tail bone removed and the surgery seemed to make it just "explode" over my whole body and it has progressed from there.I talkedto my surgeon.a neuroogist and a rheumatologist and came away with no answer until I was told I had FM. I talked to a woman who had shoulder surgery and ended up with the all-over-the-body hot burning pain that I experienced. This is some disease!!! I would never have a surgery unless it was life threatening again. It seems to trigger some thing in some people that affects them this way. I was one of the lucky ones!!!! Sorry you have this problem, hope it will recede instead of growing worse. My best to you


    I've had the numbness and burning on my upper left thigh for a yr. now. That was when I got sent for ANA testing.It came back positive and I was sent to my Rheumy who diagnosed me with the Fibro. Since then I've gotten it on both my arms, and lately underneath my right foot.
    When my right foot starts it comes on suddenly, making it feel as tho someone has just given me a Hot foot!
    I'm assuming this is all due to the Fibro, unless they diagnose me with something else later........

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    I have burning, freezing cold sensations on my legs and 'hot spots' that move from my legs to my scalp to my arms and my trunk. I also have tingling (not really pins and needles) that strikes mainly at my feet. I've read about a lot of people who have these symptoms who only have FMS, so that is likely the cause here. If it was sensory neuropathy you had, the EMG would have picked it up. In the absence of other neurological deficits, it's also unlikely to be MS.
    For short term relief, you can use heat or pressure. Longer term, you might want to consider B12 supplementation and a med called Elavil (amitryptyline) which modifies the way the CNS communicates with the peripheral nerves.
    Hope this helps,
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    thankyou so much for the information on this puzzling symptom...I didnt realize its a fairly common problem with this disease...I had not read that poll and will look for it...I dont get to this site every day or even every week sometimes so I miss some good posts....sometimes I just feel so sick I cant read about this illness for a while...need a break from constantly thinking about it...Im sure many can relate...I have learned so much at this board and everyone is so kind..I thankyou for that too...I too get days where I think "how can I go on with this anymore, its unending misery" and losing our oldselves is the worst part... no social life anymore or travel or should see my house...a mess from not cleaning it like i should but worst problem is cfids and accopanying infections for years now... dont have the unbearable pain so many of you have to bear...only occasionally....I feel so bad for you who suffer so much pain...I suffer constant sickness and heart irregularities from the whole mess...awful..may god help us to recover and help those who are in research to find a cure for us....thanks jan a.