Numbness on left hand ring finger and pinky need help?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gmom605, Jan 4, 2009.

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    in 2003 had rt hand surgery {carpal tunnel} my fingers were gone no

    feelings at all my hand even my wrist so my surgery was on my palm

    of my hand downward and then around my wrist did very well it took

    about 9 wks of therpy till this day doing good no problem,,

    in feb-08 i had the same problem with my left hand so i had surgery

    well now its my left ring finger and pinky and side of my hand toward

    my forearm to my elbow its numb i don`t believe this happening to me

    again with this surgery it really took alot out of me it hurt more than

    the first one ,,,has anyone gone through these before? would like

    to know ,,thank you ,,gmom,,
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    The nerves on the pinky/ring are not serviced by the same nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel. You should contact your hand doctor, or get a second opinion from a different hand doctor.

    I have mild carpal tunnel syndrome. But I got some numbness in the pinky and ring for awhile because the braces I was wearing were pressing against the outside of my wrists. This is where the nerve is that services the pinky/ring. But it was not 100% numb, and it improved when the braces were removed.
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    Hi gmom605

    your symptoms sound like compression of the ulnar nerve at the cubital tunnel (elbow).

    This can be confirmed on clinical exam and if necessary an emg/nerve conduction study.

    Like carpel tunnel syndrome these symptoms are usually relieved by release of the compression on the nerve at the cubital tunnel.

    you can get more information by googling "cubital tunnel syndrome"

  5. gmom605

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    ON THAT INFO... TAKE CARE ,,gmom,,
  6. gmom605

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