Numbness on left side of head

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    I have been diagnosed with FM for about a year.I take sevral
    medicines everyday the same ones at the same time in the morning and same time at night.I take 2 Neurontins 600 mgs,
    2dalmanes 30mg,2-50mg of elavil and 1 mg of xanax and 4 mg of zanaflex at night.I have been doing this for a year now,
    in the day time I take 1mg of xanax,2-600n neurontins,1-4mg
    of zanaflex and for pain I take 20 mg of oxcontin.Plus I take B-12 and Vitamin E and a multi vitamin.Like I said of have taken all these medicines for a year with no problems except in the morning I get up early and take them so if they make me sleepy I'll sleep it off and then I can run my few errands around our little town. I try to do as less driving as I can so I don't hurt anyone including my self.
    My problem is half way down the left side of my head has gone numb.It went numb last night.The reason how I know is I put my curling iron tight to that spot and I put it on my scalp and I couldn't feel it or the heat.I can put my finger nails there and it feels like there's pressure their and that's all Has any one ever had this happen to them.Pleaselet me know and what you did to take the numbness away.I have had infection all week also because of the five bottom teeth I have left,my dentist filled them and my husband said he wasn't sanitary.So I had a real bad congestion along with this too.I took 8 zithromax and I'm out of antibiotics.Sorry this is so long but it has me scared and concerned. I sure would appreciate somebodys input.I really enjoy this message board because your not alone with this disease,and every body has something different that's wrong with them and maybe somebody has tried something that has helped them.Herbs do not help me,I
    wish they would because it would be cheaper and less damaging to my body.Good Luck & my Prayers are with all of you who suffer with anything.God Bless You One & All.
    Thank you
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    para-ste-cia, pin and needles ants crawling on the skin, I have it too It can come from FMS.
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    LOL!! I was on here just now to see if anyone else was having a weird sensation that mimicked mine! Yours is close. For the last three or four days I have had what I call my fibro muscles get so tight in my neck and shoulders...then the headache. Soooo..I get up this morning and it was gone! YIPPEE! But, my left ear is out to lunch. It tingles, its hot, its cold..and its about semi numb at times. Gotta love it..never know where or what is going to show up next!

    Hope you feel better soon..this too shall probably pass..for awhile anyway. ..Sherry
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    I had chest pain that radiated up my right side of face almost two weeks ago. Went to GP doctor, he ordered MRI and ultrasound on carotid artery which showed normal.
    Couple of days went for my "well woman" exam and "gynie"
    told me to tell GP to order heart stress tests. Still waiting for appointment time.

    I know last time I went to dentist (and it was only for routine exam and cleaning) I experienced severe headache and dizziness for nearly one week.

    I am sorry that you are experiencing this numbness. Hopefully it will clear up soon. May God bless you.
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    I have had Fibro for about 15 years. I recently went to a Neurologist because I had pain and numbness in my head. She did an mri and said there was nothing she can do because I have Fibro and there is nothing that will help.
    Well, these are the things that are helping me: I found a website I found out that I am very sensitive to the glutamate in so many foods. Even though they say they don't have msg, they do. I also began a diet (The Metabolic Typing Diet). I found out that I am very sensitive to sugar and if I start eating high protein, my blood sugar would stabilize. It is so difficult to eat like this, but it is worth it, because it really helped me a lot. The pain and tingling in my head is completely gone. On this website I learned that many people with Fibro are reacting to the msg in processed food. Many also have a problem with imbalanced sugar. Try this website. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.
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    hi i have it too oh i hate it!! its all over my face, my doc said its a type of migrane i think its from the head muscles being so tight, there is a chapter on it in my fibro servival book they say its spasams, im so sorry you have it too, but its kinda nice to know someone else has it too, please let me know if anything helps, have your hubby rub your upper neck and head , it might help.. maryann
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    Ihave had numbness, pain and redhot ear for years. and this is real funny. Because my real name is Sherry. But this pain and discomfort isn8t funny at all. jennifer