Numbness or neuropathy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jan, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. Jan

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    I was wondering if any CFS/Fibromyalgia patients experience any numbness or tingling in their legs and feet. I also have dizziness or an unbalanced feeling especially after eating. Anyone get a diagnosis of neuropathy? Anyone have anything that might help this. Thanks
  2. Kathryn

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    I am answering mainly to bump this up to where people who know more might see it and answer more knowledgably. I get numbness and tingling, but it is in my hands and arms, not my feet. My doctor has suggested that the dizziness I get when standing is neurally mediated hypotension, but I don't want to do a tilt table test. My blood pressure is normally low, so we are just assuming that this is the problem. I get lightheaded and shakey when I stand or walk too long. Hope I have helped and not confused you more.
  3. pearls

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    I have a terrible problem with numbness turning into pins and needles and then into a burning sensation. This tend to wake me up and keep me from sleeping. Mine is in my hands and arms. I'm going to have a nerve conduction test soon. They think it is carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Meanwhile, I'm using Zostrix cream for it. It works pretty well, but I started with the stronger version, which was a mistake. You need to work through a period of a little stinging and apply it regularly, 3 to 4 times a day. It works by blocking substance P at the site of the problem. We fibro people excrete an excess of substance P, which is one of the few proofs that we are suffering from something real.
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    is a VERY common symptom of FM, and is documented in nearly all literature relating to the syndrome. In a recent symptom poll on this site, conducted by myself, I think about 85% of respondents suffered from it to some degree.
    The dizziness after eating is more unusual -- CFS patients typically become dizzy between meals due to poor blood sugar control. But eating a meal does affect your blood sugar, and it also affects your core body temperature. Are you heat sensitive in any other way, or do you feel very tired after eating?
    I think it prudent to proceed with your neuro tests, to rule things out.
    Hope you get some answers soon!
  5. pam_d

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    Never had the numbness, ALWAYS have the tingling, especially in my feet, lower legs, but it migrates to other parts of my body also. You can try magnesium, I've found it helps reduce it (for me, it doesn't take it away, but then, I'm building up my magnesium intake slowly---I'm one for whom magnesium causes diarrhea, so I'm only at 400mg right now, trying to get up to 800-1200mg----at that level, I might see even more of a decrease in tingling. I suffer from muscle twitching, too, and magnesium helps that, too. Good luck, as Marcus said, this is very, very common w/FM....

  6. coal

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    I started out with dizziness and then it went to numbness and burning and sometimes I had electrical shocks all over I have discussed neuropathy with my doctor he says the possibility is there but he feels its chronic fatigue syndrome. I am better but still have the burning feeling the only thing that makes me feel better is to do nothing .
    I had moments when I couldn't even walk or slurred when I talked, but these moments only lasted about one half hour.
    If you take it easy and I mean do nothing for days or even weeks the symptoms do get better and should eventually be pretty good for awhile. I have had this since 1997 and I have had 4 good years before it relapsed but I expect I will have a recovery , its been about 6 months since I relapsed. I estimate it will be another 6 months before I am back to somewhat normal even though I experience fatique and have to watch my exercise program but I am sure rest and a postive attitude will help.
  7. Jan

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    Hi again,
    Thanks for all your wonderful advise. I am got a response from someone that oxegen helped them. Can you please explain how you get and take oxegen other than breathing it in?
  8. VickyB

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    I too would like to know about oxygen therapy. How to get your doctor to prescribe it or do you need a prescription?? Or where do you get it??
    Thanks, Vicky