numbness, tingling, and ITCHING in arms and hands...

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    can anyone relate and give any possible answers to what it could be?

    i know it "could just be the FM", but am wondering if it could be from something else happening.

    lately, my arms and hands have been going numb, and tingly. i believe it is originating from my spine, between my shoulder blades. i believe this, because, when i stretch that area (or get my husband to release the knots around there), it seems to "release" something and the numbness and tingling stop (for a bit).

    after the numbness and tingling stop, my arms and hands get extremely itchy. i do not have any bumps or rashes.

    i had an MRI a couple years ago, which showed mild degeneration in my cervical spine, and i am wondering if possibly it is getting worse, causing an influx in symptoms.

    i've also been told by a chiropractor that my neck is straight instead of curved, like someone who has had whiplash, although i've never had whiplash.

    i have alot of pain originating from that spot in between my shoulder blades, and the muscles up there are EXTREMELY tight.

    i think i remember a doctor saying that when there are issues with the spine, the muscles around it can over compensate to "help" the vertabrae out.

    this numbness, tingling, and iching symptom is really interfering with my way of life.

    can anyone relate, and possibly give me anymore information?
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    Sounds like neuropathy to me, which is one of the side "benefits" of FM. Diabetics have it also. I have one place on my upper thigh that is numb all the time but itches some too. I think it is just part of the nerve reaction. Think of the itching like the burning pain from nerves. Your skin is not burning from chemicals or fire, but burning is the word we use for how it feels because burning is what it FEELS like. Make sense?
  3. sweetbeatlvr

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    i really appreciate your responses.

    i'm pretty sure i have it pin-pointed to pinched nerves of some type, by doing my own research.

    the question is... is it FM or something else?

    i found this link, explaining about pinched nerves, stemming from degenerative discs or arthritis.

    i've been told i have mild degneration (2 years ago), and also the beginnings of arthritis.

    it just confuses me, because, if FM is an illness that amplifies pain, then it makes sense that i would feel more pain from mild degeneration, where others may not.

    but, could FM also mimic the tingling, numbness, and itching feelings, just like a compressed disc would cause?

    i'm just concerned, because if you let a compressed nerve go too long (like from DDD or arthritis), it could lead to the need of surgery. not something i want.

    i hate this illness!
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    I have the same problem. I have a bulging disc and bone spurs in my neck. When the pain in my neck starts to act up, I get numbness and tingling down my arms. My arms and hands will also shake uncontrollably. Also, when my neck "kinks up", my ear starts to feel like it is on fire. It will burn so badly, that I have to actually put ice on it. My rheum told me that ear burning was just a vascular response to the pain in my neck. Well, I have no idea what that means, but obviously I know it is related to the neck pain.

    I have also been told that my neck is straight rather than curved, which is a lot of the problem. My chiro gave me a neck stretcher, which really helps when the pain is severe. Have you ever tried one of those? I also have a neck massager that DH bought me last year at Target. You lay on it, and these little balls just massage your neck. That helps sometimes to get those knots out.

    I have told my Drs several times that I think I need another MRI of my neck (my last one was 4 yrs ago) - because I feel like my neck is getting worse. If they saw the bulging disc, bone spurs and "mild" arthritis 4 yrs ago, I would think it may have gotten worse since then. I hate this illness too - I never know if I should have something checked out, or just chalk it all up to the FM. Good luck - I hope you can figure out what is causing the numbness and tingling. It does sound like it could be a pinched nerve or something.
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    I began having facial and head tingling (Jan 07 - Spring 08) one beleived me. Since then, however I had dizziness at the base of neck (YES VERY WIERD) and legs and arms tingling.....

    Numbness in right jaw

    XRAYS all come back fine - "SOME narrowing of cervical" but not enought to cause that.
    MRI's 6 months later -- ALL FINE ------ not showing anything.......

    Radiologist said (with my prompting by questions) Well, if I still have tingling and numbness, and you don't see anything --- what could be causing it?

    He said -- "viral activation" --- and I said "bingo!!!!! Why doesn't the Neurologis or doctor beleive ME????"

    It is the ME/CFS -- that is what Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is - inflamation in the brain and spinal column from viral activation. Why is it that doctors still do not recognize it?

    Further - why is it that we who have CFS -- are ignorant of these symptoms!

    Anyway -- that's my story. I am growing more and more concerned for all of us who are ill - when we have to discover the multiplicity of our symptoms on our own. And even among the supportive is not commonly shared information!

    Sorry you have this -- I wanted you to know my story.

    By the way -- I keep it down with Acyclovir and also Nambumetone -when the tingling and numbmess flair up --- it seems to keep it at bay when needed.

    Suffering ME/CFS 16 years!