numbness/tingling extremities & tongue after over-exertion

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    Hi all

    Just have a question about some new symptoms I have never had before & I'm a 13 year CFS sufferer: after a period of sever over-exertion last week I knew I would get post-exertional malaise but wasn't prepared for how bad. The fatigue and all flu- like symptoms came on the next day but I had some new symptoms that I've not had before. I dot severe numbness & tingling which started in my fingers then into my hands, up my arms, then my face and my tongue then became affected. This was worsening by the day. My Neurologist has now ordered me IV steroids which I start today.

    Has anyone experienced these symptoms before with CFS?

    I would add that I am in the process of getting work-up for Multiple Sclerosis as MRI showed multiple white lesions on my brain so don't know if these new symptoms are more consistent with MS? Any advise/input appreciated.

    Thanks so much, Diane
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    Well I'm not sure about the cfs as I don't have it but I do have MS,RA and spinal cord problems.
    With the numbness and tingling it certainly can be a MS symptom or a problem with just the nerves themselves. But with multiple lesion in the brain is sound like your may have an MS diagnoses soon.
    If it is MS the numbness and tingling may come and go. You should read up on relapsing ,remitting MS.
    It is also very common to have more the one autoimmune disease at a time. I found this out the hard way.

    You say the your starting steroids today. Make sure to drink plenty of water,stay away from caffeine if you can ,and for aspirin awhile. Steroids and aspirin don't mix. Steroids can take a few days to work also so be patient. Also they don't always work on everyone but I do tolerate the shots ok. Pills do nothing for me . And I'll never do the IV steroids. No way.

    Try not worry , It scary at first but I'll help you as much as i can. Get some rest.

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    Yes I'm probably doing to get an MS diagnosis on my neurologist visit at the end of the month. I just done understand why, when my first MRI Brains scan back in February, he still felt the need to do an MRI of my cervical and lumbar spine to look for more lesions ( non were visible on the MRI spine scans). then he did a lumbar puncture which was normal. then 2 weeks ago a follow up MRI brain scan which was stable from the last. Do you know why they do all these tests you have the brain lesions? is it to assess the stage of the disease?

    I will have to look into steroid injections as I had one before for something else and had a bad psychotic reaction but this was not solumedrol.

    There are so many similarities between chronic fatigue syndrome and MS that it's confusing to say the least!!

    I think the bad fatigue in CFS comes on suddenly and you have to stop everything and go to bed whereas in MS it's more of a constant, burnt out fatigue that's there all the time.

    once I get an official diagnosis of MS then I Will start my

    Thanks again for you supportive reply - I really appreciate it!!

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    I can understand about all the mri's. Doctors just want to check for everything. Spinal damage to can mimic MS and migraines can cause lesions. Diagnosing MS is tricky there are so many mimic. I have had spinal problems for years now from a prior car accident. The symptoms for cervical spondylic myelopathy,spondyolsis are very similar to MS . After diagnosing my spinal problem they found RA. But the fun wasn't over They brought up the dread MS again because my symptoms were getting worse and along with my eye sight.
    2 more mri's and they saw old lesions. Sometimes if you've had MS for year its harder to catch the lesions at the right time on the mri's. And spinal lesions are even harder to see.
    I also had a nerve conduction study and saw on opthamologist who found optic neuritis . The NCS showed nerve damage in my arms,hands,legs ,feet.
    All the Mri's and tests happened in a years time but the entire process of find out what was wrong that took 15 years.
    But once you get the right doctor stick with him or her.

    I wish you all the best. I'm here if you need me.
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    Yes there are too a lot of cross over symptoms with CFS and chronic epstien-Barr virus which I have had for years. I researched web and found CFS also causes demyelination of myelin sheaths in the brain so that's why I asked my regular doctor for a brain scan. My Neurologist says CFS won't show white lesions in the brain so it's conflicting info. Now the nurse who just came to do my IV stereoids says chronic Epstein Barr can also cause these same lesions so more confusing!! I have a follow up for my Epstein Barr with a DR on Tuesday so I'm going to ask him. My main concern is being given an incorrect MS diagnosis and put on long term steroids if I don't really have MS and it's my Ebv or CFS that' causing the lesions as most of the symptoms for all are so much alike....I'll keep you posted and thanks for being so helpful!!