Numbness to pinky, ring fingers and outside palm in left hand.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kayice, May 16, 2005.

  1. kayice

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    I have had numbness to my pinky and ring finger and outside palm for 5 days now. There is some weakness to my hand, tics, spurting like feelings, shaking to the inside forearm, which include the index and thumb. There is no pain to the numb fingers, they are 'cold' in the morning. It is hard to type. I am having trouble with fine motor skills.
    I feel that I have myofascial knots involved, in the upper arm, shoulder-arm pit area. Possibly the upper chest.

    Has anyone else had this happen? And yes, I'm going to go the doc soon. (May is horrible for school events and making appointments.)The middle finger was somewhat numb, but it seems back to normal.

    Please, any help on this? Could this be nerve entrapment--I have alot of myofascial knots along with my fibro. Thanks, kayice.
  2. lvjesus

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    you could try to wear a wrist brace and see if that helps. Or it could be neuropathy. I have some in my left arm right now.

  3. northlights

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    I had a very similar thing a couple of years ago.

    Normally when you have carpal tunnel syndrome, it is the thumb and first two fingers that have the numbness. In my case, it was like you....pinky and ring finger numbness. Along with that, there was a burning feeling on the skin up to my elbow.

    It turned out to be tendonitis, and inflammation of a tendon leading from the elbow to the wrist and outer fingers. I now believe it was caused by some myofascial trigger points in my upper arms/shoulders.

    The only thing that really helped was ice and a wrist brace for a couple of weeks, and absolutely NO typing for a week (doctor's orders).

    I hope it feels better soon.

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  4. lvjesus

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    in my right hand. If you work on a computer, consider getting an ergonomic keyboard from Microsoft. I did and was able to ditch the brace completely (previously I could not even open a jar because of the pain in my hand from the regular keyboard)

    My employer got one for me, but I had found one on for $20 including the shipping.

  5. TXFMmom

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    Sounds like carpal tunnel but it could be arising from your neck or due to triggers pressing along the nerves in your arms or shoulders and neck.

    Go get it checked.

    Those knots and triggers sure can cause it.
  6. Gwennie

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    When was the last time you had your B-12 level checked?

    I have the deficiency and when I am running low on it. I get the numb/tinglies on the outer peripheries of my arms and sometimes legs.
  7. bettydroop

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    Yes, there may be some "knots' in there, but maybe in your neck?? I would go to a Massage Therapist and see if they can work on your scalenes muscles. These Muscles do the action of flexing you neck and then side to side with the other side looking up at the ceiling( hard to describe) sometimes from looking down at comp keys , papers and such. If they get too tight then they can cause pain and tingling just strange symptoms going down your arm. Best of luck!!!!!!
  8. lena22

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    worth a try.
    Hi Kayice -
    a few years ago I had something similar , tingling, some numbness and some pain - along the outside of my hands, esp the right (right handed) .
    It wasnt diagnosed, becasue I went to an acupuncturist first, and after
    4 sessions I had no more problem, even though I still used my body and hands the same ..(some computer work, hanging clothes at work, etc).

    I hope you can try that and it helps!

    Best, Chan
  9. kayice

    kayice New Member

    Thanks for the replies, I seen the doctor today and some of the numbness has left. (Typing is not a good thing right now for me.)

    Doc says to give my hand till after this weekend and then if it is not gone; we will need to have the nerves checked in my hand. This is a regular family doctor, and like alot of you, I feel like it has to do with the knots in my upper arm, neck, chest and anyone get one in the armpit? I have been poking around too much--trying to find the trigger....(I think this doc thinks fibro and myofascial are one and the same.)I don't think he thinks the knots we get is enough to trap nerves, lol.

    Hopefully, this will go away--and no tests. As most ppl with fm/mps; I'm poor and don't need anymore medical bills.

    Thanks for your replies, I'll keep checking back and lay off the typing for awhile. :) kay
  10. fibrotina1

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    I've been having the same problems... but went to the doctor and am told I have radial tunnel syndrome. You can search in online.. I'm having nerve testing 12/27 to find out how bad it is and to see if I need surgery.

    Hope you have better luck!!