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  1. nct

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    Hey folks!
    This has probably been asked before, but I'm gonna ask it again.

    Lately, I've had a few episodes with an area of numbness on my right lower thigh. Its just a spot above the knee, it will go numb for several minutes, then fade away.
    Its almost a painful numbness, if that makes sense. Maybe a numb tingling? That's not very clear either, but I hope you understand.

    I haven't noticed a particular pattern with fatigue or other symptoms.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Is this CFS related, or some kind of neurological thing?


  2. lin21

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    Hi Nancy,

    Yes I experience numbness in both my legs and hands. I was diagnosed in December but shortly before that both my legs went numb as I was walking home with my daughter. The only way I made it home was to watch my feet hit the pavement. Scared the hell out of me!!! That's when they thought it may be MS, but I was diagnosed with this DD. I hate to say this but maybe an MS diagnosis would have been easier!

  3. gardengrow

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    Hi nct,

    I have a spot on my right leg below the hip bone that goes numb. I had it a few years even before being diagnosed with CFS. I used to sit on the couch watching t.v. and hit my leg thinking it needed waking up. Of course that didnt help but I still have the problem off and on. I never have found out what it could be. I was thinking it could be an injury from the birth of my son or something that damaged the nerves. Well, who knows - let me know if you figure yours out. This CFS has brought on alot of strange problems!

  4. tansy

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    I have one patch on an upper thing that is now numb all the time.

    The exact same spot was affected when I was pregnant but it returned to normal after the birth. I was told it was caused by pressure on the nerve.

    Now I believe it's related to the increasing problems I have with my spine.

    We do tend to have a lot of seemingly unexplained sensations which seem to be neurological in origin, very often they just appear, go way, appear ...... Sometimes they just disappear as mysteriously as they arrived.

    If you are really concerned talk to your doctor. Any new symptom ought to be looked into anyway.


  5. hltinfo

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    Hi Nancy,

    I'm writing an article for a national magazine on women battling candida. Do you think you or anyone from your support group would like to share thier experiences? I'm on deadline, so please let me know. We can chat by email if you respond to my post and need more information.

    Thanks, hltinfo
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    I have been diagnosed with fibro and about once a week I get a bout of numbness on my left shoulder and arm. Like you described, it is kind of a numb, tingly sensation. It can make it very hard for me to sleep and it keeps me tossing and turning until is stops.