Numero Sixty-Four for the Loungers/Resters

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Or I could put it: The cookers and the non cookers:)

    I started a new thread so Victoria would not be at the end...she ususally is.

    Like the suggestions about food in Pam's and Jole's posts on the last thread!

    Personally, I need to get more organized in the cooking. Do it when I have the
    most energy. And make doubles or triples. And freeze some. Sometimes it is
    hard to know when that spurt of energy might stop by.

    Part of my problem is that meals don't taste that good to me. But ice cream and
    chips do. Oh, and cookies.

    Thanks for mentioning the grilled cheese and soup. We are going to have that
    tonite or tomorrow and I am out of bread.

    I have to tell you this. Did you kids ever watch Seinfield? And the Soup Nazi?
    Our grocery store just got in 3 kinds of the 'Soup Man's Soup. It says 'the soup
    that ppl in New York line up for. That I am looking forward to trying. I got a
    seafood bisque. The other two I don't remember but I will let you know.

    Yep, 40 years ago, I used to come home from work and make a meat, salad, veg.
    potato and roll every nite. Then do the dishes. And I was a lot skinnyier. Maybe
    the work of doing all that helped burn some calories! No desert though. Had
    cake at my 3pm coffee break. Man, how did I stay 116 lbs????

    Have as good a weekend as we all can possibly have. And if you are feeling a
    bit depressed, thinking of Victoria and the 9 doggies should put a smile on your
    face. I know it does mine :)

  2. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Big Seinfield fan here.I'll have to look for those soups.

    My sis told me today that the big evergreen in front of my deceased parents house was taken down and will be put uptown for the holidays.My parents and grandparents who lived there before them are smiling down in pleasure right now.
    That thing was right outside the front picture window and was huge.I like this very much.

    Have a good weekend everyone.Maybe pizza and salad tonight.
  3. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I love cornbread anytime, with anything, especially beans and okra. Jole, you've got the right idea: cook large amounts and freeze portions. That's what we do, with chili, stews, etc. Works out pretty good. Meanwhile, I have, for lunch, just finished sardines and roasted red peppers on toast. Sardines always come in handy, though I know a lot of people don't like them. Times are changing; no one seems to eat frog legs anymore for example. The last ones I've seen were farm-raised from China, so I didn't get them.

    Gonna eat a cookie now. It was made in Italy I see......

    Ciao for now ( feeble pun)

  4. jole

    jole Member

    Think they took the freezing rain out of the forecast for tomorrow. Hope it doesn't sneak back.

    Pam, that's a great story about the evergreen tree, and I'm sure they'd love the idea of so many people getting to enjoy it! Nice way to recycle :)

    Nope, Barry, sardines are not in my diet. But then neither were frog legs. Or rattlesnake for that matter :) Never been far enough from the farm to try anything too exotic either....not that sardines are exotic.

    Was going to declutter my kitchen cabinets today....didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow. Seems to be my new motto. I need to make myself think ONE cabinet and maybe I can at least get one shelf of one

    Will read a book and think of those doggies ruling the house with the adult pets......Jole
  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    I love sardines. But never eat them. Hmmm I need to change that cause huz is eating
    them right in front of me (Lunch).

    Jole, so does that mean you wouldn't like gator either. How about ostrich? We have those
    around here.

    That is a great way to use the evergreen tree. I bet it is beautiful!!

    It is going to be back in the 60's after Thanksgiving. Yippee! Its funny. Some Floridians
    want to wear coldweather clothes so bad. I saw a girl with a jacket with faux fur trim and
    a woman in fleece. It was 77.

    Ok, Jole, if you can do a cabinet, I can do something. Probably declutter the room DS
    will sleep in. It's like the words to Going on a Bear Hunt.
    "We're going on a Bear Hunt (Declutter hunt)
    We're going to have a Good Time (When it's Finished)
    We aren't Scared!! (We are Pooped!!).

    Let's see how it goes!!

    I have visions of stew and cornbread dancing in my head :)

  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I told all my kids about the tree and everyone was happy and said how cool.

    I've eaten frog legs,gator,ostrich and liked all of them.Do not like deer meat,rabbit and have never tried sardines.I can't get past the smell.None of them are something I would order again for some reason.

    I picked up Josh Grobans new CD and put on earphones,turned up the sound and drifted into a peaceful place.I absolutely adore his music especially the songs in different languages.Does anyone else like him?Do I sound like a groupie lol ?

  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I'm still recovering....

    mmmm, cornbread cooked in an iron skillet sounds wonderful. Sardines do not. I could never make it past that smell either, Pam, I don't care how good they are for you LOL.

    Even more wonderful (I hope) is we're invited to a potluck for Thanksgiving. I'm just making a mince pie. How easy is that?!

    That is really neat about "your" pine tree, Pam. There's one across the street from where my parents lived, I remember it being just as high as the ranch roof peak as a kid, now it's about 3 stories high. I wonder if anyone will ever do that with that tree, it would be cool...

    Somewhere somebody figured out that secretaries would gain on average 10 lbs/year by switching from manual to electric typewriters. Start adding up all our modern conveniences 'n that could explain at least some of our weight gain. Tho I'm sure I'd have a messier everything if they were taken away....


    Speaking of dogs, one of my daughter's dogs is busy burying her food dish with a sheet in the corner of the office where I'm sitting. I kid you not.
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    Doggies are just like little kids. My 3yo GD would gather the toys she liked and hide them
    from the others. So funny...yet so intelligent too!.

    I'm wondering. Why did my parents like sardines. That is where I got it from. We kids thought
    everything they ate was worth eating too. They are delicious!!:) I don't like oatmeal though.
    Neither did they.

    The house is getting cleaned!!!!! Huz has figured out how to use the floor steamer. (I told him
    I thought you just put water in the cup part..jeje). And I gave him his tile sonic scrubber early
    and he loves it too. I love a man with dishpan get the idea.

    The secretaries gained 10lbs wow! I think electric dryers made alot of women's waistlines
    go away. I wonder if hanging clothes on the line was really good for the back. All that bend
    and stretching. Don't want to go back to that either!

    Victoria, I am surprised your DD's dog is willing to be in the office with "the other dog's"

    Well, my 30 GD evidently is in the bathroom humor stage. I got an email from her that said
    poo poo Ruby. I thought only boys did that!

  9. jole

    jole Member

    Only boys??? I had 6 GS's before my first GD came along. I was soooo thankful for this precious little girl who was going to bake cookies and play with tea sets. Unfortunately, her cousins taught her well, and she can make the bean music right along with the best of them. And is every bit as proud as the boys, too!

    I've never had a mince pie. Is that the same as mincemeat? Is it really meat? Doesn't sound good to me. It's gotta be chocolate or lemon to be a pie! :) We're having a chocolate layered dessert, pumpkin pie, and butterfinger dessert for T-day. Hope it's enough, especially since two of them will be in 9x13 (Nope, I'm not making them, but bet I'll eat some of each!)

    A hubby that cleans sounds wonderful! Mine pretends cleaning doesn't exist. My worst nightmare is seeing my home if something should happen to me. He spilled coffee on the living room carpet a few days ago. Didn't even tell me for 3 hours...also didn't clean it up! And wondered why I was soooo upset.....

    I do have to admit he still has on his back brace and isn't suppose to bend, but dang! Our light carpet now has dark stains, and I have no carpet cleaner. Nothing else had budged it. Soooo should I just have him go about the room spilling more coffee so it looks like the colors are suppose to be there?? Hahaha........Jole

  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Sounds like a good plan to me Jolee.The spot is part of the pattern.

    Potty humor must go with the toddler age.GD is very amused and interested in body functions and telling everyone.

    My favorite topic today.Pies!DS told us of a pie store in a nearby town so after nieces and nephews visit this morning we went searching.Came home with a 10in.banana cream,coconut cream,pecan and 6in.bumbleberry for dad.I had to google that since none of us knew what it was.It's apple,cherry,blackberry,blueberry in one.FIL loved it and he's fussy about his crust as am I.Huz said skip dinner just put out the pies.
  11. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Everyone's talking food, and I think I can see the world is divided into sardine lovers and haters!

    We got a small turkey for THE DAY. It will be stuffed with usual cornbread and sausage dressing, and another pan made separately. Also will roast some fingerling potatoes, including tiny blue ones (so good!). Peas. C-berry sauce. And cardamom apple cake (very moist, yum).

    Jole, mince pies usually don't have meat in them these days, though I have a friend who insists on making them the old-fashioned way. I think I prefer the meatless option....

    Pam : bumbleberry pie sounds wonderful. At first I thought you were talking about a new fruit on the market 'til I read your post more closely! And god do I love pecan pie. We often make it, so maybe for Christmas this year.

    O.K. I'm full, so going to take a read/nap.

    Best Wishes to all,

  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Ok so it was pie for supper last night and pie for breakfast in a little bit here.Barry's cake is sounding very good about now.

    I can't wait for turkey that is something I can't get enough of along with dressing covered in gravy.Not underweight anymore.I'll weigh a ton by Christmas at this rate.

    Weather report is rainy and cold today.I knew that before I got out of bed.Lucky me has huz home and I slept in,went back to bed after coffee,got a shower and got back in bed.Heaven.
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pammie needs a vacation!! Basically from FIL. Glad to hear you are not underweight
    anymore! Pig out!!

    The only thing huz and I argued about after we got married was housework. He never
    gave it. A stubborn one. Then came CFS and it made a man out of him. He was the
    only son, doted on by his mommie. He had sisters too but they were women and had
    to work around the house. yada yada.

    Hmmmm Pies. Who doesn't love pies! DS is going to make pumpkin. Straight from the
    pumpkin. Barry has probably done this but we never have. I don't even know if whole
    pumpkins are still in the store right now. But will find out.

    Huz 'acts' like he likes pumpkin. (I know better). So I mentioned 'Not Yo Momma's Banana
    Pudding" and Huz is all over that one. He will make it Wed. You see he can clean AND cook
    now. More desserts than anything else. Let us eat dessert!!

    I had one sad little turkey breast to cook. The rest is bought frozen and I know it isn't going
    to taste that good. I will be thinking about you kids on Turkey day!! We will have home cooking soon....Christmas.

    Gotta go to the dentist today. The only doc I haven't seen in the past month is the dermatologist. I'm "working" with in the insurance to pay their part of the proceedure
    I had done. Is it too hard to understand this: $2,000 deductible then 100% coverage.
    Ok, no, that was easy. Then why to they keep insisting that I pay $2800. Crazy.
    With that price, I will never have another one.

    Weather is beautiful here!! It's why we endure the heat of summer :)

    Caio as BCT says.

  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Dad has eye Dr. appt. so I'm going to be dropped off at bookstore And Mall.I'll pretend I'm "normal" for a bit.Even if I end up sitting in the coffee shop I'd be happy.

    Going to try and get out tomorrow for dinner to use a gift card at an upscale restaurant DH boss gave us at Christmas last yr.It would be a shame for it to go to waste so DS is available to be home.

    Huz has been sanding down the stairway and restaining.2nd yr. in the house I fell down the stairs carrying polish remover.I wasn't hurt but oh the stairs!That was like thirteen yrs. ago but better late then never.
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam, we need our stairs sanded and restained. Would you like a trip to Florida with
    DH??? Just kidding about the last, know you can't get away. I know they will never be
    redone. Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell!

    The ppl at my dentist's office had all gone out to eat to celebrate Thanksgiving and
    evidently had had a glass of wine or two. They were funny! A little bit giddy as the
    receptionist put it. I get a new filling because of eating popcorn. The dentist said that
    Orville Red. gets a paycheck from them :)

    Hope I have success with the insurance ppl today!! Off to give them a call.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    We have moved; pretty much anyhoo. Still gotta go back

    and pack up some bits and pieces. Also gotta clean the

    place. Amazing the size of 7 year old dust bunnies.

    Spacee, thought it was taffy, not popcorn that pulled out

    fillings. W/ re: 2 pumpkin pies, saw an assembly line on TV.

    Those robots are amazing. (Not all the lost jobs went to

    foreign countries.)

    Gordon and I watched a cooking show y-day. lady added

    molasses to her punkin pie. Probably very good. In years

    past I made both pumkin and pecan pies. Always had good

    luck w/ the crust using the recipe on the Crisco can.

    Pam, dressing and gravy sounds good. I made dressing

    from a box a couple months ago. Too salty to eat. What's

    the matter w/ those people?!

    Speaking of gravy, Laurel and Hardy made a picture w/

    that name. I think the laughing gravey was a dog.

    Yes, Barry is right as usual. Mincemeat used to have meat in it, especially vension. But modern mincemeat is just raisins and whatnot.

    Jole, those desserts you're anticipating sound wonderful

    Of course, now that I'm diabetic, I can no longer eat a

    small slice of everything. I'm eating some nuts right now.

    That presents a different problem. I only have one tooth

    in my lower jaw. Old age is just full of surprises.

    I don't think I've ever tried sardines, Barry. I do remember

    eating a tin of anchovies when I was a kid. Each tiny fish

    was wrapped around a caper bud.

    Victoria, did you ever make cornbread using those little

    packages. I think the brand was Jiffy. I remember when you

    could buy them for a dime.

    I saw some cooking show decades ago. Said if you wanna

    make cornbread like the Marie Calendar restaurants, mix up

    a box of yellow cake and a box of cornbread. Combine the

    doughs and bake.

    Never heard of a dog that buries its food dish, Victoria. Sounds kinda squirrelly to me. Well, Ratban! Just realized I'm typing this

    on the wrong server. Internet explorer doesn't have

    Spellcheck. That's the reason for the double spacing too.

    Well, I used up my N-R-G posting here and on the non-gratitude thread. Time for
    a nap.

    Adios to everydobby (and chow to Barry).

  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    LOL it doesn't matter -girl or boy- as to what they find funny... My DH used to just say pee-pee/poo-poo over and over to our daughter and her friend when they were 4 yo, they used to get hysterical laughing.... sure didn't take much to make them laugh then!

    LOL re the dog.... she's not squirrely - it's more wolf behavior tho she doesn't look like she has any in her. We had a 98% M wolf and a 75% F wolf - every morning she'd have already "buried" the food in the dish with a very even 2" layer of dead grass. I could never catch her doing it, and no scratch marks on the ground. At least they didn't dig.

    Nope I never used those cornbread mixes in packages... I like 100% cornmeal, very crumbly and yummy imho. Mincemeat is now mostly apples and raisins, but Cross & Blackwell still uses some beef suet in their mix. The flavor is pretty intense, not sure why it is really. I do always add some brandy to cut the sweetness...

    I think one of my favorite pies is pecan with chocolate jejeje.... of course almost anything with chocolate is good! And homemade is best because we'd have it about 90% pecans.

    YES.... let us eat pie... or cake... whenever we want!!!!

  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Got to the Mall at 9:30 this morning and they open the stores at 10.At 10 huz called and said they were done at the Dr. and would pick me up!

    I asked that they have coffee in the bookstore and wait for me.Got a few tops on sale.Thing is they were short sleeve tops for my visits to Fl. so I may just come fix your stairs Linda.

    I use Jiffy cornbread all the time.It's still cheap and easy.Never had cornbread stuffing for some reason.DH family used to put chunks of bologna in their stuffing and the seven kids would fight over who got the most bologna.As the sons married we DIL's used to whisper and laugh among ourselves because we never heard of such a thing.
  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam has her wardrobe to come to my house!! They really need to get you to the mall more
    often. Kinda makes you feel like you have really been out of the house. A nice drive helps
    me too (when DH drives). I think they need more comfortable benches for the ppl who
    come to the mall to people watch.

    One DIL's mother has never made dressing. Reckon her grandmother didn't either. Seems
    things like this get passed down. So DIL makes my kind. There was a dressing problem
    yesterday and she called from the NL for help. Seems the cornmeal she ordered from
    a "American Food" site was not self rising and she could find no baking powder or soda
    in Nijmegen. I think we worked it out!!

    I am showing the son who likes to cook how to make my dressing today. I don't know
    how many more years I will be making it:)

    Here we have the tv, diswasher and Toby barking. So I am thankful for earplugs.

    That was a very informative post, Rock. Marie and the yellow cake mix in her dressing.
    Interesting to me. I think she could have saved a step and used Jiffy since it is a sweeter
    cornbread...but what do I know.

    DS made his first pumpkin pie straight from the pumpkin. It was great. He is a "health nut"
    so didn't use the crisco recipie. Used gingersnaps for the crust. We all really liked it.

    Hurrah, Rock made it to the Promised Land!! And how big are 7 yo dust bunnies? 6in by
    6 in or 10 by 10? I'm sure we must have some pretty old ones somewhere!! But I'm
    keeping quiet about it (to the fam).

    I feel for the mother of 7 kids. Are ya'll following Amercian's Cheapest Family?

    Gobble til you wobble!!


  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    My turkey was very yummy.So moist and brown.I grew up thinking it was supposed to taste dry and like sawdust.Mom was a good cook but could not cook a turkey.Dressing is all eaten up.

    I almost forgot it was Black Fri. and wanted to go out to find a Tulle skirt for little GD but came to my senses.Love the girly girl look but DD is trying to dress her as a tomboy.She's had to concede she's a girly girl through and through.

    Older GD called me for instructions on a family recipe too.She calls me every holiday because this is her dish she takes.
    Happy Shopping to those brave enough!

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