Numerous Canker Sores

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by Laurie327, May 1, 2004.

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    My son experienced several canker sores a year ago. His mouth and his throat were loaded. They grew about an inch and was then down his esophagus. He ended up in the hospital and they did all kinds of test for HIV/Herpes/bloodwork/Biopsys etc. All negative. He was on Morphine, viral antibiotics, and was almost to the point of being tube fed and they started to shrink up.
    After he was released with no dx. they came back every 21 days. The Drs. were more concerned with taking pictures of the ulcers for teaching then they were helping him. He ended up with a $17,000. Hospital bill and no cure. He got them every 21 days (like a period) for the next 9 months. He was put on prednisone, valtrex, and they took him off the prednisone and the valtrex dried his sinus out and caused nosebleeds. Then Bang...they stopped in July and he hasn't had them back until this week. He is in the Albany area and looking for a Dr. to help him. There first dx. is possible Aides. He has been tested twice during the last 2 years. He is newly married almost a year and doesn't know where to go from here. What to take to relieve them when they start, what dr. to see. Has anyone experienced a situation such as this. Any info would be appreciated.
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    I am very sorry to say I can't help you with this.
    After reading your post though I just had to tell you how deeply touched I was reading about your sons ongoing horrible experience with these canker sores.

    I am also wondering if there would be someone in the holistic medicine arena that would be more helpful than the western traditional medicine? Sometimes a naturopath will come up with a much more sensible approach. Of course in WA. state ours are licensed and educated and from what I have read that isn't the case nationwide unfortunately.

    Have you put canker sores in the search engine and read all the information available online? Believe or not that is how I educated myself about CFIDS/FMS.

    My heart goes out to you and your son and pray you will find some answers soon. I realize how expensive and frusterating it is to go from doctor to doctor - test to test - to find out what is wrong and what is the treatment. It is a lonely path to walk and full of deep emotions.

    I hope someone else may be able to help you but this board is mainly to discuss transfer factor so I don't know if anyone will come along with the kind of info. you are seeking.

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    Thank you so much for your concern over this. I am new to the boards and I didn't know which one would possibly be of help. I thought this was a general health thread. I don't even know what a transfer factor is. I am curious to know.
    It is frightening how many diseases we are seeing. I wish you the best also and may God Bless you for your concern.
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    Hi Laurie,

    I'm anguished to hear about your son. I've had a similar problem in times of stress/illness where I get a mouth full of sores, and doctors generally dismiss the flare and tell me it will go away on its own (which it always does), but I can't imagine what it must be like to have them all they down in my throat and so frequent too! One thing that helped the pain is liquid novacaine. I don't know if anyone has ever suggested this, but you might tell him to ask for a prescription. He can gargle with it, but again, it's just for the pain, not a fix. I wish him well.

  5. Mikie

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    Take probiotics? The colonize the gut with healthy bacteria. Good health begins in the gut and often, sores in the mouth signal problems in the gut.

    Actually, transfer factor essentials or even the colostrum might help your son's immune system deal with these horrible sores.

    The undenatured whey, I take the ImmunPlex sold here, is an excellent way to help rebuild the immune system.

    Since the docs don't seem to be of much help in healing these sores, it might be prudent to go at it from the perspective of building his system back up to try to help fight off these sores.

    BTW, have they looked into whether they might be caused by a fungus? Olive Leaf Extract is a natural antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal substance and might help as well.

    He might try keeping a journal of what he does, his stress level, what he eats, how he is feeling, etc. It may show some patterns of what happens every 21 days.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie

  6. Laurie327

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    Hi Mikie,
    Thanks so much for your concern over my son. Currently he has moved to Albany and has a new physician. The Dr. has requested all his records from Bayside Hospital in Conn.
    When the Doc received the records he could not believe all the testing that was done on him. $17,000. and no dx.
    The Dr. has him on prednisone and his outbreaks have not been as frequent nor do they last as long. It does happen when he is stressed. He is going through it right now. My concern is how long his body will tolerate the prednisone.
    He just lost his job, and of course the sores are coming out. What totally blows my mind is they can transplant organs, they can create a child through a tube. But, they can't find a reason or cure for mouth ulcers. My son has had this for 3 years now and lives in fear that he has some sort of aids and it is not showing up. I keep telling him it would have shown up by now. He says he is learning to live with it, he has to. I guess prayers are all I can do, and tips that we get from this community of wonder people has helped alot. Thanks again Mikie and all others who have responded. We will definitely try what you have mentioned.
  7. Mikie

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    Since stress is so bad for us, your son might consider counseling or learning to meditate or get stress biofeedback. I'm not suggesting this is all in his head, but once we get sick, our stress increases and the increased stress makes us sicker. It's a vile downward spiral.

    If we can find a way to deal with our stress better, it sometimes helps us just enough to get an edge on our illnesses.

    I just thought of something else. Colloidal silver is an antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal supplement. You put a dropper of it under your tongue and let it sit for 30-60 seconds. For mouth sores, he could swish it around before swallowing it. He needs to buy a very good brand at the healthfood store which promises to have the smallest silver particles.

    Colloidal silver should not be confused with silver nitrate, which is no longer used. There are those who say taking colloidal silver will turn one gray or blue which is nonsense. One would have to drink an entire bottle of the stuff to have that happen. Colloidal silver is safe and effective.

    Keep us updated on his progress. Poor guy; I'll keep him in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie

    ANNXYZ New Member

    Prime colostrum lozenges ( a great product ) by Alt-Med
    and olive leaf extract ( 2 caps 3 X daily). The colosrum boosts the immune system and the olive leaf has antibacterial and antiviral properties that are strong ( so does Cat's claw ) . The sore are awful - I had them for years and they cause bacterial infection while healing . Olive leaf can be purchased at WalMart or drug store. The lozenges can be found on the net - Vitacost usually has a good price .

    Mine got better after taking B vitamins as these can be caused by a deficiency of folic acid - They definitely were for me.
  9. Laurie327

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    Did you have them as bad as my sons? could you tell me about what you went through? It sure would be helpful to share that with him. Thanks
  10. ANNXYZ

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    and would feel sick all over and tired . The sores would get really large and last for 2-3 weeks.

    The folic acid really helped me - along with B vitamins .
    The sores would become infected and make my lymph nodes swell . A few times I tried antibiotics and thar REALLY helped them clear up!

    The colostrum boosts the fighting power of the immune system . The olive leaf is an antiinfectant , which might also help.
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