Nun friends praying for us all...

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    I called them last week asking for prayers for myself. Was going through so many struggles. Then I started asking for prayers for each individual here who had asked for prayer.

    My friend, Sister Mary, has had CFS for over 25 years, so she knows from her own experience what our daily lives are all about. I then asked her if she would pray for everyone who comes with requests to this board.

    Then finally just asked for prayer for everybody at ProHealth - all the boards - whatever each person is struggling with - and also the people they care about or have difficulties with.

    It felt so good to think of all that loving prayer energy embracing and filtering in to each heart and life here.

    My friends live a life half contemplative, with strong prayer and worship and song. And the other part is caring for all in their community - for whatever needs there are. They are so, so loving! I've known them for 40 years now - they have helped me hundreds of times. When my husband and I had to leave our home because of the hurricanes and flooding and resulting mold, I was sleeping on the floor in our new apartment for the first month. I have MCS, and had to order an organic mattress when we finally got some everday essentials set up.

    It was frightening for me not knowing if I would have the strength to get up when I needed to, and could feel my muscles and ligaments hurting and twisting the wrong way. Then, I found out I would have to wait for another whole month for the new mattress to be delivered!

    Was at the end of my endurance and called Mother Carole, my oldest friend there. She was horrified, thinking that I had been sleeping on a mattress all that time, and within hours drove down from another state bringing me a wonderful bed with box spring, platform, warm flannel sheets from their convent. Oh my, what bliss! Everything they have is old and worn which was perfect for me. No chemical allergies.

    So I'm rejoicing to think of everyone tucked under their loving wings! They are so strong and faithful in prayer - their hearts going out to everyone.

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    And I thank every one of them for prayers for all of us. I think of everyone who comes here, suffering in so many different ways, and how we all want help.

    I'm sorry your friend, Sister Mary, also has CFS. Recently I read from a pastor how the worst anxiety in the world hit him......for months. We don't think that people serving God can suffer the same as we do. Another pastor that I follow went thru severe fatigue for months, so bad that his wife had to drive him to the church to give his sermon and then back home so he could rest between services. He's gone thru prostate cancer and 4 back surgeries in the last last l8 months. People who are well don't realize there is another "sub culture" of those "that can't."
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    what a wonderful gift, to be blessed with souls like
    sister carole and her group at the convent as friends.

    i am happy for you.

    please thank her for the prayers.

    i am constant in my prayers for you and all of us, many
    of us having to endure recurring challenges.

    But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and surely
    we are all moving towards it. Every prayer, every good
    thought working its power to overcome darkness and
    bring only light in all of our lives.

    This board has beautiful people and im sure the Divine
    is aware of this.

    God Bless

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    How beautiful your names sound together - The long and shorter version. :)

    I'll tell my dear Sister friends thank you from the both of you when I call them next.

    It's taken me decades really to be able to receive their love so fully. When I first knew them I was so emotionally lacerated from childhood abuse that their most tender, gentle words were so painful to me. Took a lot of years of healing, and their faithful, unswerving love.

    Five months ago when I stayed at the convent for a month to escape the mold in my house, and also was there during the second hurricane! But wow - I could totally receive all the love and care and laughter in full measure. I felt so very ,very treasured.

    Now I'm happy that everyone here will be receiving the Sister's daily prayers added to our prayers. I love looking around the different boards at how much people care for each other, and pray, and help each other through.

    Blessings to you both,
  5. windblade

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    Love what you wrote about the light at the end of the tunnel. And the strength of prayers and good thoughts - you expressed it so perfectly.

    And I so appreciate your faithful prayers for me and others here! I told Sister Mary what a good friend you are to me, and also about your family concerns, and strength needed for them.

    It's lovely to reach across the world like this.