Nuns Praying for All Here

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    I asked friends of mine - nuns that I have known for over 35 years, if their convent would pray for our whole board here! I was so thankful and heartened when they said yes.

    They will be praying everyday for everyone here on the board, all needs of ours. And for everyone who comes to us for prayer, they will add their prayers.

    They don't need to know names or private information, believing as I do, that God knows all about our struggles and sufferings.

    These Sisters are so dedicated, and so loving, with a deep, deep faith. Sister Mary, the nun I spoke to this time, has had CFS for about 20 years. So she knows our kind of struggles very well. She is really awesome - such an original personality and view of life. She was so interested to hear of the rich variety of people on our board.

    I am so thankful that we have this added powerhouse of prayer with us now, as we try to care for each other, and pray and care for all those who come here in need.

    And thankful to all the faithful friends who have been holding me up in your prayers! You are such treasures!


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  2. daylight

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    That's so sweet . Tell the sisters Thank you!!!!=)
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    Thank you for asking those lovely people to pray. I believe in the power of good peoples prayers.

    I am still enraged by the fact that one such as yourself would have to go through what you did but am resigning myself to the fact that nothing is random, there is a purpose for everything and trusting that in the end....good will prevail.

    I myself am having a curiously good two days of it. Well, yesterday and today, although today is morning and i still have the whole day to see how things go..there is very much less anxiety, very elevated energy comparatively and a keen ness to go out and do my daily living. Life situations are the same, nothing changed but my mind/body sort of seems to have aligned itself properly for the moment. I am not going to question, just take seize this 'up' moment and try and make something good of it.

    God Bless
  4. soulight

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    What a wonderful feeling that a whole convent of nuns prays for us. It is like a little bit of heaven on earth !

    Judy , you must feel so blessed to have known these special ladies for over 35 years.

    Please thank them , and of course , if there is anything that we can pray for them , let us know !

    In His Grace and Love,
  5. windblade

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    Daylight - I will tell the Sisters that you thank them next time I call! They are always so gracious, when I talk to them, I feel like I am so loved by God through them. Like I'm the most valuable person in the world.

    Spring! You have such a protective heart!!! It makes me feel so good to hear your anger on my behalf. I feel angry too about it, and for any child who suffers!

    Holly, I am so happy that you feel that warm, loved feeling. I feel like I'm gathered under the Sister's wings. They always make room in their hearts for me whenever I need them - I am so, so blessed.

    If you have more energy to pray, they would love your prayers. Their ministry is part contemplative - prayer and worship, and growing closer to the Lord; and they also reach out to the community's needs wherever they are, and whatever those needs are.

    The Mother Superior, Sister Carole might have CFS! She is so needed in so many areas in their community - and trying hard to find out what is wrong with her health. She would LOVE to have your prayers. She has been like a mother to me for over 35 years.

    Love, Judy

  6. How thoughtful, and selfless.

    And of *course* ALL THE SISTERS have my prayers. Indeed!

    I miss my friend, from MS chat, she only appeared maybe once every couple of weeks... I felt SO, SO terrible for her, she too, was a nun, in her early 50's, 32+ years, as the Lord's faithful servant, and, had been diagnosed with MS...

    Now, HERE is the part I just can't understand, and the part that absolutely broke my HEART for her- the other sisters* were basically, shunning her, feeling that, she was *faking* this "ms", or, that, having been stricken down by illness... she "must" have basically 'sinned', and the Lord knew this-

    I do not know where she was from, (was not important, of course,) but, my goodness.... can you even imagine?

    We've all gone through some terrible things, family, friends, medical personnel treating us terribly, family- of course, we've obviously known our whole lives, friends, some have been friends, nearly all our lives... but, I just cannot wrap my mind around living with other 'faithful servants of the lord' for basically 3/5 of your life, and then to be treated as either a faker/malingerer, or, you 'must have done *something* to have brought this on" or basically to have angered God, and MS is his punishment for you-

    After 32+ years... I wonder how she is now, still.

    Our chat site was taken away from us all, unfortunately (it was ran by one of the MS drug companies... they just decided to shut it down, for whatever reason)... now, people I'd chatted with daily, sometimes ALL day, for 4-5 years, are scattered amongst 3,4, or even 5+ different chat rooms, members all started... and some people, like myself, and several other close friends, who were long time members, just gave up, after our 'home' was taken away.

    As infrequent as Sister Deborah stopped in anyhow, I doubt she even knew it was shutting down (even though we were given a fair amount of time's notice).. and wonder if she tried any other place(s).

    We also had a lovely, lovely preacher, I believe a friend of mine, who has known him for a very, very long time, probably still keeps in touch with him...

    Thank you so much for this... I truly needed this... maybe THAT is why/how I just happened to wander over to this board to 'check-in' tonight... rather than tomorrow, the next day... etc.

    I sure needed this... (see my post on the Prayer request thread, regarding a surgery/procedure I'm having this Friday... also, I am extremely fearful for mine, my husband's, and our 2 dogs' safety right now, due to a terrible situation with a very, very unpleasant neighbor, and her boyfriend.)

    Please, anyone, pray for my dear Mom... she's diabetic, but, has just now gone to the doctor, first time in 4 years... she is also hypertensive.

    She has cut her diet back by 1,000 calories, but, unlike years ago, her blood sugars have *not* gone down with that change. She quit smoking 5-6 years ago, though, and she and my stepdad both are now dangerously overweight.. She has fibromyalgia, terrible troubles with her bowels (diverticulosis, among other problems), diabetes, high blood pressure, she needs to lose (she says 70,80 lbs- so, she weighs even more than she did 2yrs or so ago.. she must be either at 200lbs, or OVER that.. she is 5' 4" like me,). Her mother died at the age of 59, from congestive heart failure- a complication of her diabetes, when I was 10 days old. My mother is 61, but, only has 'major medical' insurance, since, she had cancer in 1995... her doctor wants her to come back in 2 wks, have bloodwork done, then come back AGAIN 2weeks LATER, to 'discuss' the bloodwork.. My sister and I have told her, WE will pay for it. She HAS to have it done. Her older sister has been on oral diabetic medications for years, and we just found out she's going to have to go on insulin shots now.

    Oh my gosh, everyone, I am so sorry. I may quit posting.. I'm so embarrassed at how badly I just go on & on... NOONE could be expected to read all of this!

    I'm so sorry. :-(

    I love you all.

    Laura M.
  7. soulight

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    Don't worry about long posts. Sometimes we all need to talk to someone and many of us are mostly housebound and only have each other to talk to , so talk away ! I come on a couple of times a day to see if someone might need prayer, or a person to talk to . It is my pleasure to talk and pray with you.

    If I don't show up here , it is usually because I am either at the doctors , or not feeling well enough to talk. As I said on the other thread , you and your family will remain in my prayers whether I am on the net or not. Oh , and of course , I will pray for your doggie(s?) too!

    In His Love and Grace,
  8. jole

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    Do you know when I was young I wanted to be a cloistered nun?

    My feelings towards nuns in general....but especially the ones of prayer more than community work...have always been very strong. I was actually in the convent for 2 years in high school, in order to decide if this was what I wanted, and even years later use to doubt my decision to marry until I looked into my firstborn's face...then it became very clear to me that mine was the right decision for me.

    Yes, the peace and reverence felt in the chapel is different than anywhere, isn't it? The nuns I was close to had such great senses of humor to go along with the deep spiritual though they were very much at peace. The only time I felt the agony was with the evening prayers when they prayed especially hard for the sins of the world....

    I have lost touch with the nuns I was close to in the past.....but still remember them fondly!

    Please thank your friends for me also....and bless you for thinking to ask them!***Jole***