Nurse's or whoever knows.Do we pay for L-STD in Nursing Homes

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  1. keke466

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    I should know this. Work in NH as CNA . Want to know if I do and if so what do I do to receive it? I don't even know if they qualify for FMLA, to scared to ask. Thanks,Keke.

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  2. keke466

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    Bumping for replies.
  3. jhmitch

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    Bump (I don't know answer)
  4. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    What were the benefits they offered you when you got the job?

    Most places you have to sign up for it.And in some cases pay a small fee that comes out of your check.

    I would just go to my personnel office and ask for the employee hand book ( thats what we called it ).or benefits guide book .You may have to read it there.It should tell you what benefits they offer.

    Good luck

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