Nutrition and pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by millennia, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. millennia

    millennia New Member

    I've read a lot about how changes in diet can help people with fibromyalgia. I've heard that some people had a lot of luck with raw food diets and things like that. Has anyone tried?
  2. zoose

    zoose New Member

    I started eating organic with no red meat before I had fibro. I noticed that if I stayed on organic dairy my menstral cramps were less severe. Something about the growth hormones they feed dairy, from what I've read anyway. There is still debate on whether that is true.

    I have had fibro symptoms for five years but I started having bad IBS symptoms and severe fatigue about a year ago. I stopped eating wheat and the IBS and fatigue cleared up; the IBS instantly and the fatigue in about a month. I tested negative for celiac (gluten alergy) so it just seems to be the wheat. Of course without eating wheat I have severly limited my sugar intake. Gluten free cookies are NOT worth eating. They taste gross. It is amazing how much sugar comes from breads, cereals not to mention the cakes and cookies. When I bake from scratch I now use sucanat which is an organic minimally processed brown cane sugar. It seems to agree with me fine. I just don't use a lot of it. I have lost my sweet tooth and things taste nasty most of the time. I can't stand soda anymore.

    I found that yoga and meditation have helped me deal with the pain and fatigue better. It doesn't make it go away. I can just handle it better and occassionaly lessens the severity.

    What I have been doing in general is experimenting. I pay attention to how I feel after I eat something new. I have found that genetically modified oats make my IBS come back with a vengance. Organic stuff is fine though. It takes about two weeks to two months for a dietary change to really affect your body so it takes a while to figure out what is bothering me.

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  3. elastigirl

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    I do find that I feel better longer when I eat nearly only organic foods. But due to the high cost, I've had to mix organic with non-organic. Non-organic processed foods make me sick, literally. Sometimes tummy trouble, sometime the shakes, sometimes a flare. (Amazing the crap they put in foods these days. Check the ingredients.)

    Buy as much organic food as you can afford. Let us know if you see any improvement :).

    The only thing I've been avoiding (other than non-organic foods) lately is dairy. I really thought I'd ~never~ be able to take dairy out of my diet. I used to love eggs, cheese, and milk. But when I started researching what they did to chickens and cows, I nearly lost my cookies -- and I definitely ~never~ buy ~non-organic~ dairy products any more.

    But oddly -- over time, I developed a taste for veggie cheese and soy milk. The smell of eggs has started to make me sick. I still keep organic dairy products (including eggs) in the house for my son, but with rare exception, I don't consume them myself any more.
  4. Moonshyne

    Moonshyne New Member


    When I have the disciple to stay on the healthy foods diet I do much better no doubt-I even lost weight! I tried juicing, and strictly eating raw fruits/veggies and I must say I improved alot, but have difficult sticking to such a diet! I have alot of problems eating any dairy foods... my body reacts badly to it...but I love maccaroni & cheese !! lol...

  5. millennia

    millennia New Member

    Thanks for the info guys. Has anyone else had luck changing their diet?

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