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  1. LindaJones

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    Has nutrition helped your cfs?
    Has anyone changed their diet and it helped?
    I know it is important to eat a really healthy diet but it takes a lot of work to do that.
  2. shaz73

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    I agree that good nutrition is important. But its not always easy when you feel exhausted after work & on a part time wage that you can barely live on, as is my case. Its a bit of a catch 22 thing isnt it - you need better food for energy to do a job, but you need energy to do a job to get that better food! The main reason I struggle so much with money is down to CFS and that can be hard to face sometimes. And this time of the year with all its extra expenses doesn help much. Sorry to be negative, but just got paid & already most of it is on its way out of my bank account to pay for essentials like rent, gas/elect etc.

    Any cheap ways to good nutrition would be appreciated!

  3. greatgran

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    A good diet is what we all should do but I have given up a lot of junk food and tried healty eating, not that I always do daily but can't tell its helped in any way. I have even tried giving up wheat, milk etc. thinking I had food allergies still no improvement. I do find a low carb diet is helpful in weight control but there are some days I feel so darn bad I just eat whatever, usually a can of soup or nothing at all cause I feel so darn terrible.

    I can't say a good nutrition diet has helped in my misery with this DD but I am sure it helps my over all health.

    God Bless,
  4. vickiw

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    I believe good nutrition is vital, but not to the point where the labor involved causes a crash. I tried really hard in this area and I haven't seen any major improvements in the CFS. However, getting some things out of my diet has made me more comfortable.

    For example, quitting caffeine and sugar evened out my energy level, which in turn makes me feel calmer and under control. I also quit eating foods made with refined flours and I rarely drink alchohol. Since I don't eat sugary snacks or junk food, I end up eating more fruit and other good foods. This keeps me "regular" and I believe helps me from catching colds and other bugs. If I do get a bug, it doesn't last long or get too bad. Also is good for weight control, since exercise is completely out of the question for me.

    In the process of trying a candida diet, I discovered that it was cow milk products that were causing my sinus headaches. That was major! Fantastic to be rid of those.

    I tried juicing fresh, organic fruits and veggies daily for almost two years. Not sure it helped whole lot...mainly it wore me out, which is definitely not good with CFS. It also wore out DH who does shopping and food prep.

    When I crash, I can't even bear the thought of eating anything that takes chewing effort, such as apples or raw carrots or even a salad.

    I finally decided to just do the best I can within my limits. If that means canned soup, oh well. On bad days, I've even eaten soup right from the can without heating...

    P.S. I cheat on the no sugar thing over the holidays!