Nutritionist or Dietician

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  1. scarflady

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    Can you please tell me the difference between Nutritionit and a Dietician? I searched the Internet and could not find a definitive answwer. I am trying to put together different experts to help with my health problems.....

    Mary Shomon lists her experts as:
    A General Practitioner with acupuncture, osteopathy
    Nutritionist/diet consultant
    Doctor for Hormaonal balance
    Massage therapist


  2. XKathiX

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    I believe they are basically the same thing. Maybe it has something to do with education requirements. I have been to a Nutritionist and they have a college degree in this. It's possible if someone calls themselves a dietician it is not the same level of education.

    Just a guess, but this will bump up for others to see.

  3. justjanelle

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    As far as I know the Dieticians have to take a test and meet certain standards and are then "Registered" or certified. those I've known have had college degrees in Nutrition.

    I'm not sure about the difference between that and an Nutritionist. Do they have to be Registered too?

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