NUVIGIL......does anyone take or try it?

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  1. Hi, I haven't been here in awhile. But my rheumatologist dr. suggested I try NUVIGIL after I told him I was sooo tired during the day and drag all day. But I am worried when I see its for a sleeping disorder, although I know alot of meds are for different things. I really hate trying new meds , especially if I don't know anything about them. I really worry what long term effects all these meds do to us. I already take alot of meds.

    So has anyone try this? What side effects or benefits have you had? THANKS!
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    I switched to it from provigil 2 months ago. Although I still have exhaustion and fatigue and there are days like today that I have to force myself to stay out of bed, i can tell a difference. You can also get it for as little as $10 a month, just search for it. I don't have any side effects from it.
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    I have been on Nuvigil for several months and it does help. It does not make me jittery or a rush of energy but feel closer to "normal", whatever that it. I like it better than the Provigil as it seems to last a couple of hours longer. The only side effect I have experienced, is a slight headache if I take a pill after being off it for a time. I do not take it daily.

    If your doctor puts excessive daytime sleepiness, then your insurance should pay for it.

    An interesting note. When I had my last sleep study the nurse was telling me that some medical staff on the night shift take Nuvigil.

    That being said, there are times that I am so tired that it does not help. But that is pretty rare now that I have had some sleep issues being addressed. But it does occasionally happen.

    The last time I went to get my prescription, it was free and in the bag a coupon for one years free refills. I did not even know the program exisited. The pharmacist knew of it and I reaped the benefit. If you are interested I will find the program but don't have access to it right at the moment.

    The bottom line is that it has given me a better quality of life. You can take it daily but I usually don't and wonder if it would be more effective if I did that.

    My thyroid is fine and is controlled by synthroid.

    Take care.


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