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    This is a letter that I felt a need to write to WebMD after reading their sure cure for Lyme Disease, and their medical information that leads one to believe that Lyme Disease is easily cured. NV
    My fear is that I might pass this disease on to my family. Ticks are everywhere, and they carry a multitude of germs and one of them can change ones entire life, one that can kill a person withing two weeks, and many more that have not been isolated because we do not have the equipment or the test to isolate them so that we can discover a cure.
    Take my letter with great reguard. You have just be warned of the severity of a disease, while your readers can conclude from their reading your website that it is just an easily cured disease and should be taken as lightly as a cold germ. NV
    I actually pray that some higher entity will touch your heart and encourage your mind to travel to a place of sympathy for all those that suffer.