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    Thank you for sharing! I haven't looked back! Like you, I couldn't do it anymore. I was physically, emotionally, and mentally drained so the last time she asked me to think about it, out of the blue I picked up my appointment book from my desk thumbed through it and gave her what would be my last date, just like that. Didn't give it a second thought and I felt great the rest of the day, like a huge elephant had been lifted off my shoulders. My grown children on the other hand didn't understand, thought I had acted irrationally, thought I should go back to her and take it back, which I could have. I didn't want to. Now my money from savings is gone, and they don't have any tolerance about my bill situation. That's the difficult part. My children and I have always been close. They don't understand this everyday, somewhere different, pain thing!! I've always been so active, played golf, even took up roller-blading, gardened, had my grand-daughters every weekend, now I do very little. And it's hard making them understand why. But it does feel good not to have to sit at a desk all day and not have to talk to people! I am hoping my SSDI will be approved this time! Say a prayer for me!
    Praying good things for you and that tomorrow will be pain free!
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