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    hidy. thaks for the answer. i am going to continue the mammos as log as needed. i had a mom who would not have it done more than once because of the fear, but that has not made me wait. she had a knot under her left arm that grew so much she had to buy a new bra every week. she knew what was going on, but there was nothing that could be done. she chose that decision and it was the best for her. there was alot of things wrong with her.
    once again, i appreciate the folks on the board. thanks gotta go take care of my 15 year old puppy. he had surgery and is whining. we spoil him.
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    Yes, as long as needed. I do not fool around with those kinds of things. I had virtually the same thing and the minute I found it: off the doctor I went.

    Thank goodness I did.

    And tejanya, you rest some. It had to be stresful. i really believe that those of us with FM/CFS need extra rest.

    Good luck with pup!

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