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  1. debhun

    debhun New Member

    I went to the pain dr yesterday and they can't help me with my FM. They can put shots up my spine. That is all they do there. Well hubby was so mad he called my dr and told them to have them call him today. Wail we were waiting for call I got bad news about my aunt. She is in ICU with to brain bleeds on each side of her head. My dr was 50 miles away now My aunt is 2 hours away. Any way he called about 5:30 and they talked. Well he is giveing me tramadol 100mg every 6-8 hours. I have tryed it to day. With all that rideing I did yesterday and last night I knew I was going to be in for it today. Well I got up and I was hurtting and took the meds and it really worked. But we will see how it does on really bad days. I just thought I would let you know

  2. Shalala

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    looks like it has been a bad week for lots of us. Sorry about your aunt.
  3. debhun

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    she is only 61 but is one of those that look 40. Her hubby took her to the ER on Monday night and sent her home said it was the meds for shengles spelling not right. she still had bad bad headache and sick took her back tuesday night new dr and ran a cat scan and found alot of blood on her left brain. They fly her out to a big hospital. Dr there don't know how she is talking or how she is awake. She knows me and can talk very well. Does have some right side weakness. Waiting to hear on the mri.

    It does sound like alot of us have had bad time. Like I told the dr I don't card what you do as long has you can take the pain away and give me back my life.
  4. Shalala

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    that is what lyrica is for (shingles)
  5. NyroFan

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    Awful. When trouble hits, it really hits.
    As you know, you are number one and have to stay healthy.

    And...ironically I called my doctor last night and he also put me on Ultram (six a day). And like you: so far, so good.

    It is so good to hear from you. Blessings to your whole family who are sick or suffering.

  6. debhun

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    Well we were all call to the hospital for my aunt wasn't to make it they gave her 12-24 hours. Well that was friday and this is Monday she is still with us and is doing a little better.Now that is the prayer of God. The dr now say there is hope.

    I am on tramadol now and it really seem to help I was up at the hospital for 3 days. I did good. DH pushed me around LOL I didn't walk for it was so far. Thanks every one.

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