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    my candida result was a 2+ and i feel very very ill.
    But my IG tests were all fine accept very elevated IGE.
    Doc also said I had EBV in the past but it is dormant and that 90% of the people that go in have this dormant virus in their system.
    Anyways , my obgyn agreed to prescribe me nystatin (maybe just to shut me up)....but i've read that if the yeast is in your entire body (not just localized like thrush, or a vaginal yeast infec) that nystatin will not work. Will I have to use something harsher???????? Anythoughts
  2. pammy52

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    I also just posted for info about Nystatin.

    I am bumping your post in hopes of someone giving you some input.

  3. mollystwin

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    Diflucan works much better than nystatin for systemic candida, but there are also many antifungal supplements you can use if your dr won't prescribe it.

    My test was 3.5 and I was also very ill. I took diflucan for two months and then rotated threelac, garlic, grapefruit seed extract, and pau d'arco for a while. This was working quite well until I was recently on antibiotics for a week. Now my candida is back. I am back to the diflucan and will take the supplements when I am done with that.

    I have been told by others on this board to rotate antifungals, because candida can become resistant to drugs/supplements if you take them for too long a peroid.
    Diet is very important too. Do a search on this board there is a lot of info on candida diet.

    Good Luck!!

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