~ O’er These Troubled Waters ~

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    ~ O’er These Troubled Waters ~

    Lord, the day is bleak.
    Should I stumble o’er this shore of life,
    Help me, when I am troubled,
    To ask Thy help in all the strife.

    The climb seems long and weary,
    As I wait for Thee to take the helm.
    Tell me all is well and You won't leave me.
    You’ll keep the ocean calm.

    Let my faith grow, within Thee,
    O’er this life’s troubled shore.
    Help me and guide me, all through
    Life and, then, forevermore.

    Quench the fiery darts that assail me.
    Lord, let them pass me by,
    As I tread on the troubled shore
    Of life ~ stifling every sigh.

    Hear my cry, Lord. Let Thy Son
    Hold me up, o’er the raging tide.
    Let my soul drink of Thy holiness,
    On this long troubled ride.

    Let the beacon of Jesus be shining
    As His Glory gleams upon my head,
    That I may claim Him ever ~ on
    This troubled oceans roughened bed.

    Let me trust in Thee, truly, all
    The weary long night, on through ~
    Until I reach the shores of Heaven,
    Seeking Thee in all I ever do ...

    Trusting Jesus to the ultimate degree.
    He is the King of Kings.
    And in the troubled waters daily,
    Peace and joy this Savior brings.

    He is a God of Honor. His own
    Word, all the way there, will stay.
    Never will I have to wonder as
    I go to my Lord and humbly pray.

    He is Master of the sea.
    On troubled water, He is my holy stay.
    When I put my trust in this Christ,
    My Savior, He will stay the way.

    © 2002 by Pearlie Duncan Walker