O.K. whos been helped by a Rheumy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. sixtyslady

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    I guess I'd like to know if anyone feels their helped by going to a Rheumy? I realize they can give a person pain Meds.but has anyone found it helpful in any other way.
    I just don"t want to start on a rollercoaster of test and different Drs. I"m just not strong enough to do that I was out of it all day yesterday from seeing the nurse/p. and I felt that went very well It seems like if I veri from my rountine at home then I have alot more pain.
    Right now I can hardly stand talking to people for any lenght of time without becoming extemely fatiqued I just break down and cry. My sister called me yesterday and I just broke down and told her I didn"t feel like I was going to live much longer and I got her crying too. WE just lost our Brother in Oct. Then I felt awlful. but some times I do wonder if I"ll make it another day. Does anyone else ever feel this way. Sixtyslady
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    My rheumy has been the biggest help of any doctor I have ever met. I must say that he has put a lot of effort into understanding his Fibro patients. His wife has fibro, so he lives with it. He also knows that different fibro patients will be helped by different things, and he will help you find out what works for you.

    Another rheumy I tried, but didn't stay with, had his own protocol for fibro patients. He was reluctant to try anything that hadn't been 'proven'-just his personality- but we agreed that I would try his protocol first and see what happened. Unfortunately, after 2 good weeks, it stopped working for me and I realized that he wasn't going to try anything else. He did, however, believe that I had problems with sleep and pain. He gave me Ultram, samples because of the cost, and cut corners on the billing when he could. This situation was certainly better than seeing nobody. While he wasn't the doctor for me, he DID give me something for the pain and sleep so that I could cope until I found the right doctor for me.

    So...you ultimately must find someone who can help you find what works for you, and is compassionate and listens to what you have to say. That may or may not be a rheumy, I know lots of people on the board have had lousy sessions with unbearable rheumies.

    I know how black and bleak it looks in the middle of depression, fatigue and pain. I hope that somebody can help you; you probably need somebody to take you to your appointments as well as an excellent medical professional.


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