O/T Advice..my b/f's bank account has been defrauded of £2000

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  1. shelbo

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    Over the last few days purchases have been made against his bank account to the tune of a little over two thousand pounds. He has almost been wiped out of all he has.

    He only found out cos he went into a store this morning with his brother to make a routine purchase of a pair of cheap headphones. The lad behind the counter said that there was a problem. His card was rejected and thinking he was just being inconvenienced by a salesperson who didn't really know what they were doing, he left the store to buy the item elsewhere. Same thing happens there. The card is rejected! So, a branch of his bank being nearby, he popped in to investigate the problem of why his card was being rejected.

    Turns out that over the past several days, sums of money have been leaving his account! £600 the first day, nearly £1000 the next over several points in the day, then the next day one purchase made for £300 and then a couple of items today.

    He was stunned. He has not lost his card; it has not been stolen; he has not given it to any one else etc.

    He was given the tel. number of Barclay's (the bank) fraud squad and he called them. He was told that some of the items were signed for and so the likelihood is that his card has been cloned - I think they call it skimming. It is where someone is able to totally duplicate your card!! -as this is the only way someone could make the purchases. It would have to be against a card in my boyfriend's name by s/o who has also copied his signature so that they can forge it.

    My b/f says that the only time when his card has not been in his possession is when A). He has to leave it behind the petrol garage counter with the assistant because they have a pay before you are able to get fuel policy due to so many drive-offs and when we have been to a restaurant when we have had an open tab where you can keep the card open, add stuff like drinks and pay at the end. He always covers the pad when withdrawing money from an ATM. He is very security conscious.

    He keeps a running record of all that he buys on his handheld and was able to tell the fraud squad what was his and what definitely was not re the money leaving his account.

    The bank says that the purchases have to be honoured and the money will come out of his account. When that happens he has to ask for a form to try to claim it back.

    The thing my b/f has in his favour is that he has his card in his possession and has been making purchases himself against the account so the bank couldn't say that he'd lost the card then got it back. He was making purchases himself over the last few days. If he'd lost his card...how could he also have been making purchases? So he has that in his favour! Also, one purchase was made whilst he was one a visit to a parishioner (he is a vicar) and she is willing to witness to the fact that he was with her at the time when of the purchases was being made, should it come to that. And, one of the purchases was made while he was with me when we were on the road driving back to a restaurant where he, I and my mother had eaten for my birthday, because my mother had left something there by accident. How could he buy something and be driving? So I can witness to that.

    It is frightening! Had that not happened today he wouldn't have a had a penny left in his account.

    Has anyone had this happen to them? Are banks insured against this? Will my b/f get reimbursed, do you think? I know the shops where the purchases are made have to get their money! Will the bank say they are not responsible? I know it's not their fault but it's not my boyfriend's responsibility either? Has any one had this happen and have got the money back?

    I am so shocked by this cos my b/f is so nice and he is really careful with his card etc. I am very upset that people like this exist who prey on nice people!

    We go totally chip and pin here on 14th Feb but it's not soon enough for my b/f. Please do not leave your card with any one. My b/f now insists he is going to pay cash as much as possible. Be super careful. I think whilst there are some place in the UK where you can still sign for things when purchasing rather than chip & pin, this is going to be going on! More so now cos these nasty bloodsuckers are going to be trying their luck before 14th Feb when you can only purchase by entering your pin. Be vigilant.

    Please respond if you've had this happen and let us know what the chances are of getting the money back.

    I hope some one can give us some good news on this...my poor b/f really doesn't deserve it!

    TIA, Love Shelbo
  2. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    I was a victim of identity theft in around 2003. Someone stole my purse (on payday of course) and was able to get my checking account info, credit card info, payroll info, etc.

    They began racking up paycheck advances via the internet to the tune of about $3000. They were having the funds sent to various accounts and opening up all sorts of online gambling accounts, etc. too. I didn't find out about any of this until I started getting collection notices.

    I changed all of my banking info right after the incident, but because they had my SSN and all my other personal information, they were able to open tons of accounts via the internet with little effort.

    I had to file a police report and some of the companies were willing to work with me and write off the accounts because of theft. But most of them held that it was still my responsibility and I ended up having to put all that debt that wasn't even mine into a debt consolidation program and I'm still paying on it every month.

    I filed so many complaints but in the end, the laws regarding identity theft need to be improved so that it is easier for people to protect themselves from being liable for the debts and protect their credit from this crime. The fraud statement and warning I added to my credit report at all three major bureaus hasn’t done any good either.

    However, any time I've had to work with my bank because of unauthorized charges or something similar, they have been GREAT. I've had to fill out a form and then they go get my money back. But if stores may argue that it was a perfectly valid transaction because they don't want to have to eat the debt.

    I've been there and it is a horrible, horrible feeling. I felt so violated and used. Anyway, I wish him luck in trying to get the whole situation worked out!!
  3. GBHope

    GBHope New Member

    That's terrible. So sorry to hear that! What is chip and pin?

  4. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    if there is an identity theft option you can add to your homeowners/renters policy. I have it and it is only around $20/year and it would help with those charges plus cover the expenses you incur while staightening everything out; attorney, accountant, etc.

  5. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    I know what you mean about violation! Can't believe what they did to you! What a nightmare! Thanks for your input!

    Chip and pin is where instead of signing and the cashier checking the signature against the signature on the card when you make a card purchase, you put in a 4 digit pin code known only to you. It's meant to guard against fraud... it's easy to forge a signature but unless you disclose your 4 digit pin to s/o they can't make a purchase.

    Thanks Shelbo
  6. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    If anyone around you is talking on their cell phone, beware, when you are making a purchase with any type of card.

    Some can use their phone cameras on your transaction. They also can be pretending to be talking to someone.

    I am wondering about places that holds your cards, like a gas station or bar.......not all people are honest and this would be a good supplement income for some.
  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    BUT THE BANK IS INSURED SO THEY WERE ONLY HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR $50 OF IT. hE MUST IMMEDIATELY CHANGE ACCOUNT AND DETAILS OF COURSE, BUT ALSO BANK IS SUPOPOSED TO BE INSURED AGAINST FRAUD. My parents it was $300 here and there over a three week period on forged ATM card. Thes e people that prey on the elderly, "nice" student offered to help mom on machine!!!!Special hell for them.
    Love Crom
  8. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    Hopefully Eddie will get his money back. One transaction was made while Eddie was on a visit and couldn't possibly have been using his card and another was made while I was in the car with him. So, he has a witness for each of those occasions. On another occasion Eddie was with his brother and was trying to make a purchase using the card when it was rejected. Half an hour or so before the 'card' had been used in another location to buy something, obviously not by Eddie. Hopefully, that other location was far enough away that Eddie was more than half an hour away and so couldn't possibly have made it.

    The other thing in his favour is that on the statement the bank gave him yesterday showing all these illegal purchases there were one or two purchases that he recognised as his own amongst them. This
    can show that the card was in his possession throughout - just in case the bank had accused him of losing his card. He still has the card now.

    I cannot believe this. I don't know how much more careful a person can be. He covers the numbers on the cash machine with one hand while he keys in his PIN number with the other. He is always careful when entering his PIN when purchasing in stores. He will never buy over the internet unless he can do so over a secure connection. He keeps his bank statements in a locked cabinet only he has a key to(going back over the last ten years and in order!) and he shreds any bills, info that could be used etc.

    The person or people who made purchases apparently did so with a card and signed for the purchases. So, obviously, whoever did this was able to get hold of his signature too.
    For this reason, we think we have an idea where this has happened though, of course, we can't be sure. There are two local garages. One has a high counter and when your card is handed over it is out of your sight. Maybe something is going on behind that counter. More likely, though, in my opinion is another garage nearby where you have to pay before they will release the petrol pump for use. We have paid there a few times with the card which is left with the attendant while we go to get our petrol. They do this because of so many drive-offs. This means that
    the cashier has the card for the time it takes to get petrol. Eddie usually get between 10 and forty pounds' worth so this would give a dodgy cashier plenty of time to do whatever was necessary. Cloning cards here is called'skimming'.

    Apparently, in order to take it further with the bank we have to get a crime reference number. We think we are going to mention these two garages at the same time.

    From 14th Feb here signatures will be invalid. Everyone will have to pay in every store by entering a PIN number known only to themselves. I think that there are lots of opportunitists out there who are getting their chance now. So, if you are in the UK where this is coming into play, take extra care between now and then. I think there is going to be a flood of this crime up until the 14th of Feb. Between, now and then signatures will be accepted in some stores (indeed, it is the only method for some shops until this law comes into effect next month when it will become illegal).

    Eddie's bank is Barclay's...We hope he gets reimbursed but does any one have any experience with this particular bank in similar circumstances?

    Thanks every one. I hope these nasty criminals get their just desserts some time soon. I'm sorry it's happened to so many of you. Must have been awful to see hundreds leaving your account every few minutes as you watched. What kind of low-life does such a thing!?

    I will let you know how Eddie gets on as it all unfolds.
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  9. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    I have read that you should never allow your credit card to leave your sight. Employees at places, such as restuarants, where they take the card away to make the charge may have a device that can copy the information from the card that will allow them to make a duplicate.

    At least with a credit card, you get to review the charges before you pay them. With a debit card, the money comes out of your account immediately. If you have overdraft protection, someone could drain your checking and your savings before you knew what had happened. I would never use a debit card.

    I have heard that now that they allow electronic transactions against checking accounts, sending a personal check when you order something by mail is as dangerous as writing your credit card number on the order. The scammers may return us to a face-to-face, cash economy.
  10. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    On a Saturday, I got an email from Amazon.com saying they thought someone else used our cc that we had just gotten a month prior with a new expiration date. My husband had used that card at places like Subway, Wendy's, etc.

    I called the cc fraud that Saturday and closed the account. Over $600 had been charged to our account from Amazon.com. We never could find out how much exactly, what it was, where the merchandise was shipped to, etc.

    The fraud dept. didn't even want a copy of the odd letter I had gotten from Amazon.com.

    A few months later, we got a letter saying that the cc company had closed the investigation. So it sounds like whomever did this got away with it.

    Now, I check my cc's statements online to make sure only our purchases are on those.

    We don't have our phone number, middle initials, or SS numbers on our checks. Have never had a problem with our checking account.

    Hubby takes bill payments directly to the PO and drops them in the blue box instead of leaving them in our mail box for the PO carrier to pick up. We live in a nice neighborhood too, but he still doesn't trust leaving bill payments in the mail box at the street.

  11. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    I have nothing but my first and last names on my checks, but ID theft is not the main problem with checks. The problem is that banks now allow check-less, electonic transactions against checking accounts. Anyone that sees one of your checks can copy the tracking information that is printed across the bottom of your check and use it to make electronic withdrawals from your checking account.
  12. jennypee

    jennypee New Member

    My hubby had his debit info stolen and used at Amazon too. I wonder if they have a problem with employees there. The person charged about 200.00 worth of stuff, and Amazon alerted him. I have no idea if Amazon caught the person or if they got in any trouble, but they credited my hubby's account with the full amount.
  13. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Our cc account got credited with the money too, so all was well and we didn't have to pay anything. I just thought the investigation was done poorly. They didn't even want a physical copy of the letter Amazon.com sent to me.

    I go into that cc card account every few days to keep an eye on it. But I use a different cc card on Amazon.com now that we don't use but for some online stuff. The actual card is here in the house and never leaves it.

    Amazon said that cc info is kept on a computer that has no access to the Internet so it can't get hacked. But at the time Amazon didn't know our new expiration date on our cc card and I hadn't bought anything all year from them. So it had to be someone locally that stole our number when my husband bought something with the card as it happened within a month from getting a new card with the same account number but totally new expiration date.

  14. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    LittleBluestem -

    Yes, the electronic "check-less" system is exactly how the criminals were able to empty my account and then they created fake checks in my name to use for the online activity.

    Also, be careful about what you carry in your purse in case you lose it or it gets stolen!!

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