o.t.anyone going to the cherry festival in washington dc

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    i miss d.c and the pretty lincoln memorial...all the parades...my ex-hubby had to march around the captial and philadelphi...hten he also burried some degnatirries...one day i was working for spawars...at the pentagon site one...it was time for my lunch..i was walking around noticed a pic up in an art gallery and it was of my husband carrying a body coffin....he was presidential honor guard for the united state coast guard,,

    it was a very busy attachment but we did have soem good times for sure....i would love to run into some of those guys and see what they are all doing now...

    i loved alexandria virgiania and then the shopping malls at tysons corners...

    i sold real estate out there for four, but we transferred to michigan..i should've stayed in virginia...the money i could've been making.....

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    The cherry blossoms are beautiful this year, I'm so sorry that you are missing them. My name is Lindsey and I live in Manassas Virginia. I was wondering how long it's been since you lived in the area and if you had a good doctor in Virginia? Hope you are doing well.

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    i left there in 1989...

    i had a good dr. but i can not remember her name...she was a civilian dr...

    i had also seen military dr.'s..we won't talk about those..bad...

    sorry i do not have any referrals for dr's there, plus it has been so long since i was there...

    and i wasn't being treated for fm yet...didn't even know the word excisted...

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    Sorry to all those missing them!!! : (
    Hope you will get a chance to see them one day!!

    I too live in Northern VA / D.C.... and they are just breath taking as always! Our property and neighborhood is filled with them, so i have been trying to get outside and/or take some walks through the community this week!

    I bought a new wind chime last week, and that just seems to be making the whole experience that much more enjoyable! ; )

    Wish you all were here!!

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    It sounds so wonderful jodie! I'm in the UK & planted a tiny flowering cherry tree in the garden last autumn, but there's no chance of it flowering this Spring.
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    by the potomac river...that is a wonderful city to be in if you serve your country in the military...this was before the gulf war stuff started..

    i have always thought i would take my(our son) back to d.c. and show him around...the smithsonian's and archieves...
    arlington national cemetary...we had a roomate that was on the chaging of the guards detail for the army...

    we had annual coast guard honor guard ball...;it was so so much fun...of course this was before a child...but it was a great time..

    and the fourth of july is the best around...

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    she was really good...but like i said that was clear back in like 1987 or 1988...somewhere in there...i think she was located in crystal city..but i would have to think about it...

    well i am glad you are enjoying ht e beauty out there....if i could live anywhere in the u.s. it would be back in alexandria or here in the bay area of san francisco....