O/T Felt Like I Was Back In 8th Grade

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    Male boarders, beware - an embarassing "feminine care" story follows - read at your own risk!


    I got my period yesterday. No biggie, the usual.

    Day 2 is usually heavy, so I grabbed a handful of Tampax and stuck them in my bag.

    Figured (wrongly) that a pantiliner would hold me for emergency backup.

    I am sitting in my chair at work, plugging away on the computer. Next thing you know...GUSH.

    I hurriedly but discreetly (I have a male co-worker that sits in my area and I didn't want to advertise) grabbed some packets of Shout Wipes (Mom's Best Friend) and supplies and went into the bathroom to survey the damage. Thinking, "How bad could it be?"

    Famous last words.

    ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!! Not only did it destroy my underwear, but it soaked through to my jeans - 2 huge spots. I sat there mortified for a good 20 minutes trying to scrub out the stains enough so no one would notice.

    Get back to my seat - to find it soaked into my chair.

    I cannot remember such an embarassing horror show since I was 12 years old and the super-heavy duty hospital pad (that clipped onto a belt - remember those?) I had to wear at night failed and I woke up looking like a crime scene.

    The only upside of the whole ordeal - it made me sit in my chair and I got a ton of work done.

    Can only hope male colleague had absolutely no idea what happened.

    Can't wait until it's all over. My Mum cackles with glee as she tells me that hers didn't stop until she was 54!!!

    Hope y'all had a better day than me!

    Madame Curie
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    Mine was on the 10th hole of an 18 hole game! I was wearing light blue shorts ( I don't wear shorts anymore because all the color in my legs comes from bruises and varicose veins!!).

    Fortunately, my late husband was with me and he was a man with very broad shoulders and my sister was there and had emergency supplies with her. I used the outhouse and took care of one thing, then my DH had to go shirtless so I could wear his shirt tied around my waist like a sarong!

    I bet we all have one of those stories (except you guys!!). I had a hyst at 44 so those days are over for me. YEAHH!!

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    I'm going for an endometrial biopsy this week because of horrible problems with bleeding. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I have had close calls recently like in a restaurant or store, but thank goodness I made it to the restroom in time! I hope they can make this stop. It's horrible isn't it?

    I hope you have better days ahead of you.
  4. sues1

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    When in such a situation and you can not avoid a few people going to your car.......Just stare at everyones eyes....even look a little mean......

    they watch your eyes and never look downward! LOL......
  5. Greenbean7

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    Before I had my hyst for fibroids I had a similar problem at the gym!

    I was on the exercise bike when I suddenly had blood all the way to my shoes! My gym bag was beside me on the floor and I was wearing maroon sweats. I grabbed the bag and headed out the door. Than drove 2 miles home, in Seattle traffic, which probably wasn't a good idea.

    Did it again when I got home. This wasn't just messing up my jeans, but even my shoes!

    We went to the ER and they told us to wait. I told them I wouldn't responsible for anything that happened! They took me in and handed me a gown and had me disrobe. As soon as I got my shoes, socks and jeans off, I did it again!

    I was standing in a two foot wide puddle of blood calling for help and starting to get weak. When someone finally came she said, oh, I guess you weren't exagerating!

    The doctor who examined me just kept saying "there's a lot of blood here, a lot of blood". I spent the night in the hospital getting fluids and so weak I could hardly hold my head up.

    Not fun and very embarrasing. Worse than the golf course incedent? No! Light blue shorts versus maroon sweats? Oh, no question!!