O/T Katrina Aftermath - Depression, Guilt & Anger

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  1. achy

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    I have to let this out or I'll explode. No replies needed, but I thought there may be others who needed a place to let it out.

    I am so Blessed I feel quilty. Guilty for being Blessed and guilty for beinig depressed. I have nothing to be depressed about.

    I still have my home after 4 storms have came thru. My wonderful hubby is in Waveland, MS with the incident command team from Florida, but he is safe.

    But life on the Central Gulf Coast has changed permanently. So many dead, so much destruction. CNN isn't even showing Missippi....towns are GONE. The people are GONE. And they talk racism? These towns were mostly white and they aren't being sent helicopters & food!!!! N.E. Mobile & Baldwin County was devistated. No reporters or helicopters there either.

    I used to work for the REd Cross. I can't imagine what the relief workers are going thru. Many of them lost eveything too.

    Then there is the diseases that will be born...and second disaster in the wings. Many of the refugees will be contageous and they are sending ppl all accross the country.

    I know there is a reason for this....God has a plan...but I stil can't understand....

    I need some air....
    God BLess

  2. Empower

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    I hear you and agree with you

    I have been sick with the flu this week, so I have had CNN on all week

    I try not to watch it, because it is so depressing, but I FORCE myself to watch it, because a Natural DIsaster can hit ANYWHERE, and we have to be prepared

    I have learned my lesson, be prepared with necessary supplies, because you can't depend on the government to get you through

  3. kbak

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    Know what your going threw. I use to work for RC till 2000 when i came down sick. I've worked the hurricans. To many management types out there hampering the wonderful people that just want to go in and help people.

    I know everyone will rally to do what they can. People are incredibly generous. I would also plead with people to understand that Disaster CAN happen to YOU. Be prepared! No matter where you are, please always have food and water stored. As you can see, help does not come right away.

    Achy, my heart goes out to you!!! It is hell dealing with what's going on. It makes you soooooooooo angry to see how screwed up things are. It makes you even angrier when your working it and have to deal with all the nonsence. Yes, you do need to vent.
  4. Francey54

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    Dear Achy:

    I too have been so deperessed this whole week seeing all the devastation in Louisiana, and Mississpi. Most of the focus has been on New Orleans and you are right, Mississippi is not getting the helicopters and food. Much has been made of race and Katrina spared no one; White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, every race has suffered.

    I do pray that Mississippi and Alabama get the choppers with food and water asap. It is not right to focus on just one city when so many cities were devastated.

    Let's see if CNN changes its tune. I found that MSNBC showed alot more of Mississippi especially the reporter (don't remember hisf irst name) Shuster and Joe Scarlborough. They have reported live from Mississippi most nights. My hat off to them, good job!

  5. tandy

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    I'll try to keep this short but just wanted to vent about the race issue~
    (I'm afraid to in a way because of the controversy)I just don't wanna step on any toes. BUT,......
    I could'nt believe my ears when I heard that minister(I think??) bring up the issue about them being black and thats why it took so long for help to arrive.!!!
    Seems we're damed if we do,and damned if we don't!!!

    I don't believe that should have been spoken.(especially from a reverend!!) But it was.
    My heart went out to the people I saw being rescued and to the people that lost everything!! It did'nt matter to me what color they were!!

    uuuuuggghhh! when will it end
  6. achy

    achy New Member

    Thanks for letting me vent and for your replies. It means alot knowing others feel the same. I sent several letters today...CNN, MSNBC, and even the President. It helped me vent the anger where it needed to go.

    Hubby called today from Waveland MS., got a whole 1 minute 42 secs on satelite phone w/ him. Hey, I'll take what I can get!!

    He said they have food and got some cots so he doesn't have to sleep in truck anymore. He insisted he was ok but I could hear it in his voice. He had the same tone he had when he was on the hurricane Andrew mission. It took him months to get over that.

    I feel so useless. I can't help the refugees, I can't help hubby, and my sis called tonight from S. Fla. to tell me my mother is in hospital w/ congestive heart failure...and I can't help either of them! Even if I could drive the 8 hours, there is no gas to get me there. I wouldn't make it out of the county.

    Everything for a reason...I just wish I knew the reason!

  7. Musica

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    I'm sure we don't have the full story on the racism issue. I saw some black female politician, I think, all dressed up in her suit and ranting about racism. Who knows, perhaps it consciously or unconsciously influenced some decision about how fast to act. BUT, there is more to it than that. As it was brought up, there are predominantly white towns that were wiped out and aren't large enough to get the attention it deserves. Which translates into the help they need! I hate this being turned into some big political argument over racism, when the real issue is getting EVERYONE the help they need.

    Achy, I am far away from where it is happening, but I can imagine being nearer, how it is perfectly natural to have some guilt that you are okay and they are not. Bless your heart! Since you say you know God has a plan, if you are a praying sort, then pray. That's what you can do, and it isn't a minimal thing to do! God hears prayers, and he hears prayers in numbers. Be glad that you ARE okay, which makes your husband be able to go to where he is needed instead of having to look after his own house.

    I can only imagine how difficult it is for your husband, and all the other helpers and media. There are complaints that the media just go and report on things, leaving stranded people stranded, hurt people hurt, etc. I'm not sure that's true. I have been hearing how people are brought places, and I imagine they are helped as much as they can be while still paying attention to the legalities and the plain limitations on media transportation. Plus, they help to let others know where help IS needed. Can you imagine talking to some of these people and then the guilt of leaving them in that situation? I imagine some media people have to be deeply affected by what they see and hear.

    I know there have been accusations that black people are said to "loot" and white people are just "surviving". Some of that may be true. But what sense is there in the blacks who HAVE looted - TV's (how dumb!), rifles to shoot at the authorities (how ridiculous!). I'm sure there are some whites doing this, too, especially poor whites. Anyone doing that stuff is really incredibly stupid. I can understand ANYONE who was taking food, clothes, supplies - but not those who take advantage just to take advantage or be violent just because it is ingrained in them to hate the police! It's not to much a matter of black vs. white looters vs. survivors, but those who are really looting just because they can, versus those who really are just surviving.

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  8. ltarmand

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    As I am sitting here reading all of these replies, tears are rolling down my face. I live in Lake Charles, LA. My brother and his wife lives in Hattisburg, MS. Luckly their grandparents came to get the two children before the storm hit. My brother has had no electicity, no water, no help in five days. He is a manager of several properties on the coast. He is like a supervisor of all. Do you know that 3 out of his properties are flattened. I am so helpless. My other sister in law (who is going in for back surgery tom in houston) can't find her mother who is elderly and her step brother. We are helpless. We can't help but get angry at the goverment for taking so long to get there. All I ask of any of you, go to these shelters donate your time. My husband got angry with me for going because my fibro is from a auto immune disorder. But those people need love and to know that they are going to be taken care of. I went to both shelters in town. I have 2 boys Jake is 2 yrs and Grant is 5 yrs. Do you know that they not only gave $26 of their own money but the went through all of their clothes and toys to donate. God is good and there is a reason for all of this happening. Now in Lake Charles, where I live, there have been alot of car jacking and crimes, but I know God is with me. Please Pray.
  9. aquabugs

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    New Orleans is my birth city and I spent much of my childhood there and on the beaches in Gulfport and Biloxi. I still have relatives in those areas, but at least they are all safe. The sheer magnitude of human misery in New Orleans and the Mississippi coast is staggering and the total devastation of the area leaves me stunned.

    I've been glued to the news when at home and constantly listening to radio news at work. I ended up in bed mid week last week due to volunteering at the shelters in my Texas city. I wanted to do much more, but ended up exhausted and in pain and feeling so guilty because I couldn't do more.

    Now I am feeling guilty because I have extra room in my home, but I feel I cannot deal with hosting anyone here at this time. We live way out in the country and it really is not ideal for anyone who is trying to get their life back on track, because we are 50 miles away from the city and jobs. I have missed at least 50% of my work time since June, due to extreme exhaustion. I have a son who is not working, who has a wife and 2 yr old. I have a hard enough time trying to help them survive...between the monetary demands and the stress of it. They just moved out of our house in the past month. I want more than anything to help, but I am also smart enough to know when to say "enough." But that does nothing to assuage the guilt.

    I will just continue to do the best I can...volunteer as I can, give money as I can, and try to figure out other ways to help. One thing hubby and I ARE able to do is adopt a couple of abandoned pets. We have lots of space for dogs to run and I can at least give a good home to someone's pet(s)they have had to leave at the shelter.

    ON another note, one thing that makes me very happy is that the people of Texas have really stepped up to the plate. I am so proud of Houston's mayor for taking a stand. He commandeered two very large arenas in Houston and he expects to be sued over the loss of convention monies from those venues, but he says let 'em sue! He's more interested in taking care of people! The people here are very friendly and caring and I am proud to call this state home.
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  10. achy

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    I KNOW this is O/T...but this has disaster has effected MANY ppl in this forum.

    I too live out in the boonies...my closest neighbor is 1/2 mile away! And since "We're not from here" (transplanted 7 yrs ago) we don't have friends. We know people, but ppl just don't socialize around here...unless its a funeral.

    My rambling is for a reason....many of us are isolated. When hubby is gone, as he is now, I am totally alone. Smoke, my lab,keeps me company but he sure don't talk much.

    This forum is for support of our illness. This stress effects our illness. Talking relieves stress. Ahmen.


    P.S. {{Itamand}} I'm so sorry your family is suffering. I can't imagine what your going thru. I hope your brother is ok. My hubby is in Mississippi with our Incident Management team...he is in charge of food and water for that area. He told me they are getting things in, but no trucks to get them to the ppl. That's all the detail I got in our 1min 45sec. call. I pray you find everybody and your brother gets out. Just remember one day at a time...step by step. Your stronger than you think!! Big hugs, Calla
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    for others here.
  12. matthewson

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    I know how you feel! They are getting a group of medical personell from our hospital to go down and help with the makeshift hospitals that they are setting up and I so want to go! I have been thinking about how I would hold up.

    I am not as bad as some here, but my feet are what get me the most and I think the shifts would be long and I am on pain meds even though it is only tramadol. I wanted to go on medical missions before I got this DD and it makes me SO mad that I probably won't ever be able to do that! I was so looking forward to going with our church and doing lab work with their mission to Mexico and my sister-in-law who is also a med tech and I wanted to go together when we both retired.

    That is what makes me the most sad about this DD! I am crying as I write this! I want to help, but can't take the chance of them having to take care of me!

    Sorry for rambling! I need to get this out of my head and get my wallet out instead to donate.

    Take care, Sally