o/t my puppy has eye boogers

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    i didnt have anyone who knew but is there a problem when your dog has eye boogers? if so is it serious/ what is distemper parvo or heartworm signs? now im worried its something bad. thanks for any input. love Gail
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    What color are they?

    How often does he get them?

    Are there any other symptoms, IE: coughing, sneezing, etc?

    Usually it is not serious, but an eye infection needs to be looked at. It is not a sign of distemper, parvo, or heartworm. I can't remember what the signs for distemper are, but parvo is lots of vomiting, diarrhea (really stinky) and lethargy. Heartworm is diagnosed by blood tests.

    I hope its nothing serious.

    God Bless.

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    they are white im glad its nothing serious ill take him to vet tomorrow.i appreciate you answering so quick. my dog was killed in jan by school bus and we just got this puppy so i hate to see him sick. ty love GAIL

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    you all here are the best, always helping despite your problems i love this site love GAIL
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    rottweiler have parvo...it was so said...i do not remember eye boogers..but he had dihrea, vomiting, and the biggest puddles of pee pee...lost weight, got dehydrated...

    i just bought him from a very good line, (excellent), show dog all the way...we named him cerbius...tht poor thing...anyways..we had a signed contractual agreement with the kennel owners(private family), we had to take him to get a clean bill of health w/i three days of purchasing him for 1500
    back 1988...well anyways i never got a clean bill...i had vet bills..

    then took him to the previous owners vet...and then they said the would like to keep him and nurse him back to health...and they took care of the vet bills and gave us our money back...they were legit...

    seen there home and the kenneled area in the basement and their welping box...


    i do not think it is anything serious...maybe allergies...

    our other rottweiler had some areas of his eye that had the eye lashes grow inside so it would get things in it we had to keep some topax eye anti-bacerial oinment on his life until he died...

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    I have two Pembroke Welsh Corgis. The female has eye boogers like you describe. The pet stores and catalogs sell various solutions to get rid of these boogers. But I have found plain ole' warm water does just as well.

    I bought some very soft baby washcloths at Wal-Mart, and I wet them with warm water and just sit her with her head in my lap and GENTLY clean around her eyes and her face. I try and do it every day. If you do it every day the discharge will not build up, and the puppy will become accustomed to having it done and will actually begin to enjoy it.

    Good luck with the pup!