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    Hi Elastigirl ,

    Your Questions:

    Hi Francie, re: store on eBay 10/11/05 05:33 AM

    Francie, I have been thinking about starting an eBay store. My house is full of stock from a timeframe years ago when I was well and selling fulltime on eBay. (The items are well-preserved.) But now I just don't have the stamina to keep up with volume sales and a fulltime status.

    My question is, is it difficult to set your prices for the store? Do research what the item is going for, then use the highest price or the lowest price? Or do you use some other method for pricing?

    Is it difficult to keep up with sales when you're having a flare-up? What kind of timeframe do you use for shipping?

    My answers:

    I usually do the research first to determine where there is a need in the marketplace. When I find the type of merchandise I want to sell, I determine what is the lowest price I can sell it for (and make it profitable) to see if I can beat the competition on pricing. Sometimes I price the same or a little higher, but am able to save the customers money on shipping. Sometimes, if I'm the only one with a type of merchandise, price doesn't matter so much, but I still try to find off-price goods and closeouts, so I can do the best prices around. The requirements for what I sell are that it be photogenic, not very well represented, and will it appeal to my existing customer base.

    I've been having a flare since the end of June(cfs/fms.) Somedays it has been nearly impossible to devote a minute to the store. Mostly, I take a hydrocodone and am able to do it all. I pretty much use up all the energy I have playing store.

    I used to ship daily, now sometimes I wait a couple days in between packing and shipping.

    I wouldn't/couldn't trade this job for any other right now. I need my bed closeby.

    Hope that helps!

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    bump for "playing store"!!

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