O/T Sort of, Lost my head ? Have you seen it?

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    I got a review form from Social security Disability, it seems they are now reviewing everyone about every 3 years or so now.

    I was stressed about sending it. My therapist who comes to my home weekly has been seeing me for 3 1/2 years wrote a letter to include with the review. I copied her letter and the paperwork they sent. I put the letter and the review form in an envelope this morning and was going to mail it later in the day when I picked up meds from pharmacy.

    Well guess what happened!! I lost the envelope!!! I searched high, I searched low. I looked in dishwasher, fridge, oven, toaster.....you know the usual places we put things. I even looked in the toilet. This letter had to be mailed today or I would miss deadline.

    I ended up calling Social Security toll free number, I swear that woman must think I am off my rocker. Thankfully they are allowing me to send copies......another reason to copy all papers from Social secuirty.

    Went to brush teeth, and the cover to my toothpaste is gone!! I'm the only one who uses that toothpaste.

    I did find my 80 dollar car key I lost 2 mos ago though, 2 or 3 days ago. With the time I spend looking for all my lost items, I can make a career out of it!!

    I'm still amazed I have never lost my son, he was born after I had my cfs/fm. Although, I do remember when he was a baby and would take a nap, I sometimes would forget for a moment that I was a mom, he would cry and startle me lol.

    The most embarrasing thing I did was lose my car at our mall, parking lots everywhere around the parimeter of the mall. I had to go to meet sons bus, searched for half hour could not find it. I finally had to enlist the mall police to drive me around, I was paniced and in tears to the point they said they would drive me to meet the bus if we could not find my car. He was in kindergarten at the time. I lived a town away from the mall, but they saw how distressed I was. Thankfully, just as we were about to leave low and behold there was my car.

    I just thought of something I did last year, I invited company for dinner, was making a roast, and mashed potatoes ect... made the potatoes, went to take roast out of oven.....much to my horror, I had not turned the oven on!!! KFC anyone?

    Well feel free to add on to this post, would love to see some other oppsies

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    It could become a best seller! Then made into a movie, win an Oscar, everyone will know all about FM, CFIDS and other "invisible" chronic illnesses, then they would FINALLY understand and would treat us with the respect we deserve and not.... pinch pinch...ouch! Guess I'm awake.

    Very funny (input fog horn sound here) stories! (we have to end up laughing at some of them, even though they may not seem funny at the time)
    Day2day..... the roast story.... I JUST did that last night, but with a meatloaf! About 1/2 hour into "cooking", realized I didn't smell it. Went to check and the meatloaf was in there, but oven wasn't on. The microwave above it had the timer set for 350. Dinner was late.

    Live, LAUGH, Love,
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