O/T The West Memphis Three murder trials?

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    Has anyone followed this story from the early 90's or read the book Devil's Knot? I am half-way through this book and I can hardly read it. It really does look like three innocents were wrongly convicted.

    Just wondering if anyone else has read about this?

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    I just feel awful for these boys. I went to their website and it was talking about the appeals and how letters need to be into the governor by the end of June. I will be sending in a letter. How can this not be overturned?????
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    ok, i need to finish the book and then i want to continue this convo! :) I already can see that the husband to Melissa ( I think it's Byer's stepfather (or real father) the book has eluded to some things)...anyway, this byer's father guy is probably the frickin guy who did it. there's so many reasons why he might be the killer....i didn't know yet about melissa being murdered now. Anyhoo, i really want to talk more after i've finished this book. the judge is a horrible judge, ignoring huge, huge, huge, discrepencies and the police and prosecutors should be relieved of duty, they were so bad in this case. lies, lies, lies and cohersion. i am so upset, my husband tells me to stop reading. i, on the other hand, wanna help the cause. unbelievable. give me a couple days to finish and then we need to talk!!!
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    Was the book written before or after the second film? Because if it was written before, you have to watch the documentary. I mean either way you should, though it is horribly upsetting. This is a very common topic of conversation around my house. It just makes me sick. You should also read Damien's autobiography. I believe that they are almost definitely innocent. But I also realize how one sided and biased the books and movies are. But I what I know with %100 certainty is that they did not have a fair trial.

    Those poor boys, I feel sick just thinking about it. I'm so glad I grew up in New York. If there is one good thing to be said about New York City (and I happen to think there are a million), you are free to be different, to be who you are or want to be.

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    ok, you two. I have finished reading Devil's Knot. Unbelievable. I appreciate you writing with me about this. I don't know if I can handle watching the documentary right now. I'm pretty sad over this. Those poor, poor kids. There is no evidence whatsoever that they were involved in this crime. None. Little Jessie had no chance - total coerced confession and that is basically the only "evidence" they have. The other people that came forward were not trustworthy or credible at all. How in the world does this happen? How could the people, police, lawyers and judge even sleep at night, all these years. How was John Mark Byers not considered a serious suspect???? Was Byers black mailing people? I am truly dumbfounded.

    I will send a letter to the governor. I kind of want to write to the three boys as well. I've never done anything like this before. metallamom-are you glad you had some communication with Damien?

    thanks and hugs,
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    I was on the website earlier today, but I didn't get into the nitty gritty case files. I am going to look up the bite marks...nice how the one state's paid forensic expert person said the bite marks were not human. The deception is from so many sources.
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    I see by the profiles that ya'll reside in Ca., N.Y. and Minnesota ..... A far cry from the Arkansas crime scene.

    I live as close as across the river from it and will never forget the nightmarish facts attached to these murders.

    Nor will the families of the children who were tortured before being murdered be able to forget.

    I have always found that balanced reading from all of the directions ( sides ) of a case help best in generating an informed opinion. Just food for thought .....

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    I agree, and I haven't forgotten about the three little boys either. I only have the information that is written in the books and on the internet...

    thanks for your reply and reminder...