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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tonakay, Sep 16, 2005.

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    I had my total hyster in '01 and have worn a estraderm patch ever since. I am 48 now and my doc said when I am 50 he wants me off of it because the risks outweigh the benefits by then.

    Ok so my question is has anyone ripped off their patch and what if any withdrawals happen with this? I am thinking of going to something like black cohosh or something natural? Ok girls I need some feedback here...

    Thanks to all,
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    I do not have any experience with the patch, but I have been on Premarin for at least 10 years. I am 54 now.

    I have just cut down to the smallest amount of Premarin that they make. I figure that I'll stay on this dose for the next year and maybe on my next exam in 2006, I might talk with my GYN about stopping it then - and see what happens.

    If I still have symptoms, I don't have any problems with going back on the extremely low dose that I am taking now.

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    thanks for the replies. Hopefully some more will come in over the week-end.
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  7. I too had a total hyst. yrs ago and have taken premarin since. Last yr I went down to the lowest dose. I am terrified to go off it altogether. I have heard black cohosh helps, but am leary to try it and go off. Although my sister went off hers slowly. but then she still has everything. no hyst. for her.
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    I had a total hysterectomy in 1982 (age 23) and have taken estrogen ever since. I did try to go off it a couple of times and couldn't take the mood swings, hot flashes nor could I stand myself. My husband and son have offered to go buy my pills if I run out-I get that bad, so I know I can't go off completely yet. My doctor also says I can stop taking them when I turn 50 which will be next year but I have my doubts. I have used the patches, taken shots and now I am on the generic estrogen in the lowest doseage. I know in my case, the good outweighs the risk. Hope this helps you some!
  9. stinker56 what dosage do you take? And what is generic estrogen? Is it a script? I went from 0625 to 0325 not sure if I did the right thing. I had to laugh your family said they will go get them for you if you run out. lol!
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    I had a hysterectomy at 26 and my ovaries removed 9 yrs later and have been on various doses and brands of oestrogen since I was 26. There are no withdrawral symptoms as such but the effects of low or no eostrogen on the body differ from person to person. EG: I get very itchy down below and have constant bladder infections...as well as greasy lank hair. It's generally not nice and then there's the hot flashes. But others will experience some or none or even worse symptoms.

    I've been told that my Drs will give me the lowest dose available and I'll be able to take it every 2nd day and then every 3rd day until I'm not taking any.
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    It's scary to think about going off my patch. I wonder how doctors figure that 50 is the magical number that it's safe to go off of it? I'm crabby enough now, jeez I don't need any help in that department...LOL
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    in 1994. Have been on Estrogen in one form or another since. I am 60 now.

    One year ago I went to the lowest dose offered. I was ok except I've been having "hot spells." I'm not sure if they are flashes or a result of Milnacipran.

    I've been on that drug study almost a year. I go off it October 3rd. Maybe I'll find out then if it is the lower dosage of estrogen or the Milnacipran that has been causing them.

    At my last gyno check up my doctor said I should begin cutting back but not til winter when its cooler since I'm having the hot spells. She wants me to be at one every other day by the next check up.

  14. dononagin

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    No Clue!! But saw ya here so had to send ya love!! XOXOx

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