O/TWho here has PTSD?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kriket, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. kriket

    kriket New Member

    Just curious as to how many on this board have PTSD along with fibromyalgia? (POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER)-PTSD

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  2. makezmuzic

    makezmuzic New Member

    count me in
  3. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    I did suffer from PTSD, when I was in the beginning of my fight with these conditions.

    My mother was dx'd with stage 4 breast cancer, which had metastisized to her liver and lung when I had just turned 18. I was a senior in high school. She was given a 2% or less chance to live.

    It triggered anxiety and I was dx'd with PTSD...some say it was just a severe clinical depression.

    I am OK now..besides the anxiety, and so is my Mom.

  4. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    Me too.
  5. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    Count me in, too.

  6. mildred623

    mildred623 New Member

    I too suffer from PTSD due to multiple issues in my past. It's funny you brought this up as something has recently come up with the PTSD that is causing major problems with me and my husband. While I have been in counseling for years it doesnt seem to be helping this issue. I have decided tomorrow to get on the phone and find out if there is either a support group in my area or a counselor that specializes in this sort of thing. It's to the point either I get some help and come to grips with it or my husband has threatened to leave me.
  7. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I was nearly killed by a paroled rapist. He stuffed a baby sheet so far down my throat I couldn't breathe. I was beaten and kicked.
    In the late sixties my boyfriend drove out to the middle of the lake with me in his boat and told me to get out. I couldn't swim. He was doing it to terrorize me. He stalked me after I broke up with him. I had to call the police several times. The judge told him to move out of our little town.
  8. painintheeverywhere

    painintheeverywhere New Member

    This is an interesting link to the disease. I always knew that depression is largly associated, but I didn't realize PTSD is as well.

  9. Andrea4

    Andrea4 New Member

    there is an article that my therapist told me about (i've not read it though) that says there is a correlation between PTSD and surviving child abuse and later developing fibro.

    think about it....those of us who come from backgrounds where we were traumatized...we had a lot of adrenaline - the fight of flight response happened more than it should and for longer periods than perhaps it should. I totally believe that my body is wore out from that which helped exacerbate the conditions for fibro to develop. Just my 2 cents.
  10. CAM57

    CAM57 New Member

    I am 49 yrs old. PTSD, OCD and Panic attacks and dystymia for 6 yrs.Dx with osteoarthritis 20 yrs. Dx with ankylosing spondylitis x1 yr.Dx with F/M, RLS,and IBS x9months.
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  11. Scarlett65

    Scarlett65 New Member

    major depression PTSD osteoarthritis sleep apnea and too many others to remember at the moment. I agree with the theory that childhood abuse may have plenty to do with it. I was severely traumatized by personnel at a childrens home I grew up in, raped at age 15, domestic violence in two marriages prior, and constant ridicule from my only parent regarding how I was trash because of who my father is.
  12. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I think that andrea has described Post Traumatic Stress Disorder very well. I do agree with your 2 cents, I think it's worth a lot more. Someone asked what PTSD is. It is having to deal with something very traumatic that happened in your past.(It plays over and over and over in your mind)

    It is very hard to deal with stress. In my opinion, it requires some sort of counseling. I was just curious as to how many here with fibro. is actually dealing with PTSD also. All of your stories are very interesting.

    There may be more here with PTSD that don't know they have it or have not yet been dx with it. I would encourage anyone that reads this that has had a traumatic event happen to them in their past especially chilhood, ask your doctor or a psychologist about it. I'm glad that I am not the only one dealing with this, yet I hate that so many others are suffering too.

  13. jtbear

    jtbear New Member

    Me,too. It will be interesting to see how many respond with a "yes".
    Thanks for asking the question.
  14. kriket

    kriket New Member

    Yea, I am very curios too. I had this feeling that for some reason, there were lots here with PTSD along with fibro.

  15. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    Count me in also..I have been going to a therapist for sexual child abuse issues...plus a life of stress....whiplash.....I think there are many issues that contribute to pain...
  16. jenemc

    jenemc New Member

    yes..me too....i also have secondary due to my husbands ptsd from vietnam. we both go to counseling at the local va hospital.

    we have one group therapy with other husbands and wives with ptsd..and then the wives have one..and the husbands have a group by theirselves.

    i sure hope that sounds ok..cause nothing makes sense right now to me.

  17. MsOnlyMe123

    MsOnlyMe123 New Member

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and Depression.
    Wide spread crippling pain throughout my body. Fibro.
    CFS - soooo tired and wiped-out
    Myofysitis Pain - So many knots in my whole body.
    Vocal Cord Dysfunction - tested, due to stess

    Brother, Sisters, Mother and myself - abused from alcholic father. Mother beat-up for guarding her children. We got the "Strap" in the behind, back, head, wherever he could get us. Mother punched in the face and head, got black and blue eyes and migranes. Mother a gambler!!

    I do had to say though, none of us ever went without. Beautiful homes, clothes, food, education, money. Ma and Dad both worked very hard and us kids did also.

    Breakup with boyfriend after 12 years - nervous break-down, counceling for 7 years.

    The last major one was the Sexual Harrassment from one of my lawyer who I assisted as Paralegal. My immediate boss was the Vice-President and General Councel of the Law Department and Company. My boss asked me why I didn't tell him sooner than 6 months. I tried very hard to STOP him. I told him repeatedly STOP ect... (much to long and too upsetting to talk about). My boss the V.P and G.C. and the other head-honchos were all involved. The "harrasser" was so angry he stalked me, harrassed me, called me, was going to kill me and showed me his gun. (He was stalking me when I left the company). Restraining orders were taken out on him but they did not stop him.

    Litigation ended up in Mediation. Settled after 4 years. I never got my day in Court. I wanted to tell his wife of his actions and words to me. My lawyer saw how sick I was and the women Mediator also. I want my day in Court - they would not continue - I was very sick and could barley walk - I was in a daze and didn't know it.

    Very shortley after walking out on my job, one morning I woke up with a pain in my left hip. I just thought I slept wrong or something. That was the start of my pain and it spread very quickly throughout my body like a "wild fire". Such excruisiating pain and my legs would not move. I couldn't walk. Hospitalized for 2 1/2 months on Morphine Drip - diagnosed and sent to Rehab. to learn how to walk again and general movement throughout. I was just about crippled. Phyciotrist (sp) (can't think anymore)and women councelor for 5 yrs.

    Many more Traumas and 2 just recently in the past four yrs., but I'm very tired and cannot type anymore.

    Oh ya, I got it!!!

  18. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    I used to have it. Years ago, I was held at gunpoint by gang members during a robbery where I worked. It was terrifying, and I thought I might die. Luckily, he did not pull the trigger or harm me. But I was still really shaken up!

    I had PTSD for a year or 2 after that. Whenever I would be at any type of place that had a reputation of possibly beibg robbed, like ATM , gas station, late nite 7-11, etc I would start to panic thinking that it would happen again.

    That whole thing was a long time ago, and I am over the PTSD. I am lucky the PTSD didn';t stick around longer-- I have enough other mental or physical crap to deal with!
  19. kriket

    kriket New Member

    There are so many traumatic stories here. All of your stories really touched me. Hugs to all of you.


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