O24 Fibromyalgia and/or 024 Pain Neutralizer

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  1. WhoKnowsWhy

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    FYI - According to the manufacturer's website

    Direction For Use:

    How to Use:

    Apply O24 Fibromyalgia directly on the point of pain. Massage the area gently.

    You will feel O24 Fibromyalgia™ begin to work almost
    immediately. If you are concerned about the peppermint scent of O24™, wait 20 minutes then wash the area. This will not decrease the effectiveness of O24 Fibromyalgia™

    Some sufferers have reported that O24 Fibromyalgia™ eases
    their pain when used in the bath. Simply spray 3 or 4 times or drop a convenient towelette into normal bath. Avoid contact with your eyes.
  2. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I know there are many snake oil preparations out there.
    Have you experienced this potion. I would tend to believe you over the hype.
  3. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I have used it and find it helpful. It especially helps my knees but I have used it on my neck as well.
    There have been several discussions about this in the past.
    You can search for the old posts.

  4. WhoKnowsWhy

    WhoKnowsWhy New Member

    I've been using the company's regular O24 Pain Neutralizer for a few months now and it does wonders to relieve my pains. I do not like taking any oral medications as I believe over time even the OTC stuff like Aleve or Advil will do us harm. This stuff is all natural, is not greasy, and it works.

    I've used this one over the O24 Fibro for two reasons, first off it's available in almost every major pharmacy while presently the O24 Fibro is at Rite Aid and online only. There are no Rite Aids near me. Secondly, the two versions of this product (O24 Pain Neutralizer & O24 Fibromyalgia) are identical in both composition and cost.

    The only issue I've read on the boards about this product is the smell. I myself have no problem with the peppermint smell but some folks might. Therefore I posted the manufacturer's direction for use to let people know that they can wash off any smell that remains on the skin surface and still keep it's pain relieving effectiveness. I do this all the time.
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  5. Mar19

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    I got a sample of 024 Fibro with my current edition of Fibromyalgia Aware. Being the skeptic that I am I left it on the table and didn't give it another thought. -- Until about two hours ago!!

    I've been in horrible pain, mainly hips and lower back, that none of my meds could touch. I was reluctant to use the 024 b/c I'm also have MCS.

    Okay, it is *rather* pepperminty, :) but I'm telling you, the stuff WORKS! I was at the point where I figured "why not?" The smell doesn't really bother me, the "minty tingle" :) was a welcome change from the screaming-meamie pain.

    It's not all that long lasting though. Sigh. I feel the pain creeping back and making it's horrid presence known once again. (And I only had the one same towelette.)

    I'll probably buy some for the days when I just can't bear it anymore -- or when I feel the compulsion to smell like a great big huge Lifesaver! :)

    Does anyone know how much it costs??

  6. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    a 1 oz(or 3oz, I can't remember) bottle costs $24.95 plus tax. It works alright, but is very exspensive. A bottle like that didn't even last me a month. If you have many areas that are painful then it is gone before you know it. I won't buy it again. I use a professional topical pain reliever called Polar Lotion that my massage therapist uses, and I order it off the internet. 32oz for $58 includes taxes and shipping and handling. Works awesome!
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  7. WhoKnowsWhy

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    You can buy either the O24 Fibro or the O24 Pain Neutralizer as they are both identical under different packaging. Usually costs $19.95 for either product in the 1oz spray or the box of 20 wipes. Sometimes it goes on sale (as it did last week at Walgreens) for $14.95

    I know it's not the cheapest stuff on the shelf, but it works better than any other I've tried. Also, I have found the more I used it the less I actually needed it to relieve my pains.
  8. WhoKnowsWhy

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    Sorry to hear you did not like the smell and it sounds like you did not give the product a chance to work.

    Let me offer you this bit of information, I do not use the wipes as they are too expensive for what you get. Although they are convenient to carry in case needed, I would buy the spray bottle as it goes much much further.

    Also, when you open a wipe, you have many surfaces that were exposed to the product (the wipe and wrapper) that continue to smell after you've used the product. That is not the case when you use the spray. What sprays onto your skin is it. No waste of product or excess to smell.
  9. razorqueen

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    the smell of the 024 ( I know, I am strange) but, I actually found the spray to waste the product. They should have an alternative applicator on it. Like something that only allows a drop at a time to come out. You can control how much you are using then. With a spray there is alway over-spray meaning wasted product and money down the drain or on the floor, bed, rug, etc. I tried it in my bath too, and it didn't lesson my pain either. I used it for 2 months.

    They say the its supposed to last 30 days, but that must be at 1 drop a day. Then the packets there are only 20 in the box! Whats with that! Should be at least 30!
    I also think it is alittle deceptive having the same product with 2 names. I've talked to a repesentative, and they said it was exactly the same.
  10. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

  11. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    I broke down and bought a bottle of the spray. I have very intense pain in my lower back 24/7 and I tried it there. It didn't work on my lower back as well as the sample did on my hips, but then again NOTHING works on my lumbar pain.

    I've had two failed surgeries, L4-5, and I'm 500% (at least Ü ) worse than before the operations.

    024 does do a nice job on all the other joint and muscle pain, but at $20 for 1 oz this could get seriously expensive. I guess I'll just save it for those days when I'm verging on being homicidial or something. Ü

    I have MCS but strangely enough this smell doesn't really bother me. Go figure. It does linger in your clothing though. I was amazed the other day when I emptied the hamper and was almost knocked over, mostly in surprise, but that "special" smell coming from the slacks I wore the day I tried out the sample I got in the mail.

    Just my 2¢, for what it's worth...

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