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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. lenasvn

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    Sorry about posting my kiddos, but you all feel like friends to me, and you show your special things with them! Here is my 7 yr. old son Matthew. He is a joy, an artist and a dreamer. His father is Hunkpapa Sioux, thatr man was my true love, but unfortunately he later showed to be an alcoholic. I forced him to make a choice, and the choice was the bottle. He has no idea what he is missing! It took me 2 years to get over him,,, nah, I don't think I ever will! God's ways are mysterious, I am blessed with the time I did have with him, but life goes on the way it's meant to, and who knows; one day he might be clean for good, and my son and him can grow the relation they never had! It is all in His hands.

  2. ilovecats94

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    Your son is very handsome and looks like a wonderful boy. I know you are proud of him. Sorry about his dad.

    Big hugs,
  3. jaltair

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    As for me, I enjoy seeing everyone and / or their family on the profiles. I also enjoy reading the profiles to get to know people. Wish more would put them up!

    Matthew is just as handsome (beautiful, but I know boys don't like that) as can be, and he definitely will be a charmer for the girls. He reminds me of my grandson who is six. They'd get along well. My ex is also Native American, so two of my three children have the beautiful dark skin, eyes, and hair. The third, well ... blue eyes like mine and light brown hair. My grandson is from my blue eyed son .. those genes (Native American) are strong, cause they come out in my grandson so well! I'm sure my Blake and your Matthew would have fun playing ...

    Take care and thanks again! Jeannette
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    You are blessed with such a good looking, strong boy. I certainly love the twinkle in his eyes!

    You are right when you say that any absent parent doesn't have any idea what he/she is missing when they do not see their child grow up. Such precious memories -- they only come around once.

    May you and your son enjoy the holiday season ....

    Many hugs,

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