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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nct, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. nct

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    ya know, it seems as if there are more FM folks here than CFS.
    Is this true? Not slamming you FMers...I'd rather have the fatigue than
    the pain...I think.
    Just wondering.

    And since someone asked about a recommended FM book, I'm gonna ask
    you CFSers what CFS book you'd recommend/has been the most
    helpful for you. I did hit Amazon, and got a couple really cheap-I mean, the
    shipping was more than the books. :)

    Thanks, and hang in there!

  2. gardengrow

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    but the two books I like are Running on Empty by Katrina Berne and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -A treatment guide by Erica Verrillo and Lauren Gellman. I thought I would be buying alot more books but there is so much info. on this site and the CFIDS assoc. site and others that I read alot and print out the articles that I want to save (I certainly cant remember much!)so it helps to have them in a folder. Hope you get some other reccomendations.

    Take Care,
  3. blondieangel

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    Prior to CFS, in childhood thru my teens had severe tension headaches. I had been diagnosed at 18 w/ hypoglycemia.Then, adrenal insufficentcy (by a chiro). I had also had a cone a D&C at 19 - 20 due to a class 3 Pap. Originally diagnosed w/ 'something' in my mid 20's (I called it CFS)and described it like this: it felt like something was eating away at my bones...I was EXHAUSTED, started when I noticed I couldn't wake up in the morning, and my toothbrush weighed a ton. It went on for years...I saw many doc's, no one could agree...I eventually went on State Disability for a year and basically slept. I took no pain med's. SSD turned me down. I stayed home and cared for children to make $$$. I then returned to work, and was eventually hospitalized in my early 30's w/ Crohn's disease. I was ill for several years w/ Crohn's. Then I injured my back once on the job, and then was rear-ended in Feb. 2000, and diagnosed a year later w/ FM and I have CMP. I suffer from severe exhaustion & all over body pain, joint pain, IBS, depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance. I have NEVER recovered from my left-sided soft tissue injuries. W/O pain med's I'd be suicidal.

    I would have to say...I did feel well enough to work full time as a pre-school teacher prior to my car accident, so I had reached some level of remission. I am now on SSD, and will never have children due to my health problems. In retrospect, I have had symptoms and predisposing factors since childhood.......

  4. Mikie

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    I find the CFS the more debilitating of the two. Anything written by Dr. Cheney is probably well worth reading. We have a lot of his articles right here in our library. He also has his own website.

    Love, Mikie
  5. evileva

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    I have to agree with Mikie, I have cfs and fibro. Neither one is much fun but I think that the cfs gets me down more.