obsessive hand washing

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    littlebrownwren mentioned hands feeling dirty all the time.
    Got me thinking about when Jordan was about 4 or so, he had a compulsive hand washing episode. Being that age he couldn't tell me why but he would just suddenly have urges to run to and wash his hands, even in stores or wherever.
    Anyway I've seen it mentioned that there may be some connection to this and the strep virus. And this may have occured after he had a bout with scarlet fever.
    Just wondering if anyone remembers such a thing in there lives at any time. Especially following a strep infection.
    Perhaps the virus caused some liver congestion and caused the hands to feel weird or dirty in some way.
    Also leads me to believe that Jordan was showing a pattern to be predisposed to these illnesses.
    Just curious
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    I have been diagnosed with OCD. I take Cymbalta for it which helps a lot. I also practice control over it as much as possible.

    I didn't have the compulsion to wash my hands like that but I do feel overwhelmed with the need for order. I clean. I have cleaned out my pantry 4 times in 6 months for example.

    The reason your post caught my eye is that I had scarlet fever as a child and strep/mono since. So now I'm wondering if there is some connection. I'll do some web searches.

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    Thats where my thoughts were going with this handwashing thing.

    I'm 60 yrs old and don't recall a time in my life where my hands felt dirty unless they were.

    I was wondering if something was going on in my intestines, liver or etc.

    I have been ask several times if I am diabetic. I'm not. Not that I know of anyway.

    It's been 32 yrs since I last had strep. I can remember it well since my son was 2 and now he is 34. I had a very
    bad bout with the flu,strep, ear infections and the whole works. I had to go to my moms and they took care of me and my baby.

    Think I'll google it and see what comes up.

  4. sleepyinlalaland

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    also. When my daughter was around 7 she had a period of time (several months) where I noticed she was washing her hands ... a LOT. I realized it was a compulsive thing and was a little concerned. It eventually went away.

    A few years later I read of the possibility that a strep infection in children sometimes triggered O.C. behavior, and I realized that that was probably what was going on. She had strep repeatedly as a child.

    "Perhaps the virus caused some liver congestion and caused the hands to feel weird or dirty in some way." I never thought of it that way, just thought it was a totally irrational compulsion to CLEAN...but maybe there is a physical sensation of being "dirty" as well.

    Anyway, it is mind-blowing the more we learn about strange behaviors being caused by viruses!