occular migraines need help

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    i have been having blurry vission with zig zag lines follwed by mental slow down and then dull head ache around temple areas. my friend says this is a form of migraine and breathing pure oxygen will help.anyone have any experience or advice. they are happening about 1 or 2 per week and are very scarry.
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    I had those that started about 2 months ago I got scared because I had never heard of it before. I called the hopital on call we have in our area and they advise you on weither you need to get to the er right away or not.

    anyway the nurse told me it was a form of migraines and to treat it as such before the pain hits hard. lay down in dark room no noise and try and sleep if that doesn't work then you need to come in to hospital.

    If It worked then schedule an appointment with your doc. tomarrow. It worked went to the doctor and said the same thing so when it starts I follow that advise. I have a big history of migraines and don't even want to get them again.

    hope this helps you.
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    I used to get those all the time. At first, a strong cup of coffee would help. Once it got so bad, my left hand started going numb, after 3 days. When I told my doctor she said to get to emergency when that happens, so they can give a shot to open the veins. That visual effect is from the veins being squeezed tight, and if it lasts too long, the blood can pool behind it and clots can form.

    One of my friends had the same kind of visual migraines and once did have a stroke. He's on a regimen of meds now that controls it.

    I was put on midrin, and for years that would control them for me. Now, I don't get them anymore. I think it's because I'm fully menopausal now.
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    I suffer from chronic migraines. I'd suggest you get to a neurologist for testing if you haven't already done so. It could be something more serious, and you want to rule out all the serious stuff and get proper meds for your condition.
    Best of luck...
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    These are harmless unless they last too long. If the visual disturbance is longer than 20 or 30 mins., one should get help. This can cause blindness, according to him.

    I have these once in a while but they don't last long. I've found a little Klonopin under the tongue helps them go away.

    Love, Mikie