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  1. MaryH

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    Does anyone out there have problems with OCD? I have other anxiety problems but that one seems to cause me the most trouble. Have to check stuff over and over. Just curious to see if others share this with me.
  2. little

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    I drive my family crazy with my compulsive neatness. I can't stand to have things out of order. Everything has to be in its place. It is very hard to get the teenagers to put things back where they got them from. I like the chores down every day not once a week. It has been very hard for me to keep my mouth shut. I get into a lot of trouble here. It is very hard to stop the OCD. Gail
  3. MaryH

    MaryH New Member

    Yep - that's one form.

    I have to check things over and over. Some people have to wash their hands or take showers. Other people have to count things. It can take a lot of different forms.

    I was hoping that maybe someone has had some luck in getting it under control. It doesn't seem to matter what I do it doesn't help.
  4. laurakay

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    Prozac is the only thing that has worked for me so far to get the OCD under control. I've had it all my life, but it really flared after I was laid off from my job last year. It sent me into quite an OCD tailspin and I think I will probably stay on Prozac for the rest of my life. I can't go back to feeling like that....ever!! In addition to the counting and checking thing that I remember having even as a child, I started to have what they call "Pure O" or "Pure Obsessions" where I couldn't stop thinking about violent things or things that are completey abhorent to me, like jumping in front of a car or something like that. I thought I was going crazy until I found a really good psychiatrist and read some really fabulous books on OCD. It is "normal" for this kind of thing to happen when you have bad OCD and the only thing that got me under control was the Prozac. Now my days are my own instead of the disease's.
    PLEASE, PLEASE get yourself some help because you do not have to live this way. You will not believe the difference in your life without OCD. I feel like a different person and my anxiety is SO much better. I can go shopping now and not have an anxiety attack!!
    Feel free to email me at laurahud@hotmail.com if you want more info on the books I read, etc.
    Take care,
  5. MaryH

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    I am trying Paxil. I have been on it for about a month and a half so I can't really tell a difference yet. I do think that it has lowered my anxiety level some. Stress definitely affects my OCD.

    I tried Prozac but it left me really zoned out - even after being on it for months. Then I tried Zoloft but my vision got blurry and I couldn't see to work. So now we are trying Paxil.

    OCD is horrible. I have wierd thoughts, too - always about horrible stuff.
  6. laurakay

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    If you don't have bad side effects with the Paxil, give it a while. It took about two months on the Prozac before it worked and then I had to work with the dr. to up the dosage two or three times before it really felt like it was under control. I have some side effects, but nothing too bad. Zoloft made me super drowsy and I never tried Paxil, but if you think you can tolerate it, then give it some time to work. It will be worth it long term. I felt better just reading about it and learning more about it. It helped me realize that lots of people go through this and that I wasn't crazy! :)
  7. Dara

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    I also have OCD and am currently taking Effexor, which I "think" has helped at least a little. It's really hard having OCD when you have FM and can't have the spotless house you want. I hate this dd, I have been in one of the worse "flares" for the past 48 hours that I have ever had with this.

  8. MaryH

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    Fortunately, whatever is bothering my muscles is getting better slowly. Some days I don't even notice it any more - I think mine has a whole lot to do with stress and knotted up muscles. Like maybe some virus was involved in the beginning and it is beginning to get better. Its horrible having chronic problems - but I do think many things just kind of resolve themselves after a few months or a few years. I had a terrible time with my shoulders and arms and muscle spasms and awful fatigue for over two years. But I am always kind of afraid that they will just come back.

    But I have had the OCD for ever. It is just the most awful feeling.

    And, yes, I will give the Paxil more time. I think I heard somewhere that it can take a few months, even, before the SSI will work on OCD. I also have problems just getting out of the house.

    Thanks guys
  9. joannie1

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    I think I have this too. Can't keep your mind off a million things at once. can't stand not having everything perfect. Can't deal with things not getting done. Go to bed dwelling over it and it plays in your mind over and over until you are so warn out but can't sleep still because good golly something wasn't done. If that is what some of the things are with this count me in.
    I have seen a shrink for quite sometime and I have tried everything for it. prozac, paxil, wellbutrin, zoloft and a ton more but for some reason they make me even more stressed and anxious. I don't know why and my shrink just scratches his head. He's a nice man though. Some days between this DD and the million things I dwell over on top of it I feel I will go out of my mind. But I haven't yet:) thankfully.
    Take care all,