Ocular Migraines

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    I would like to know if anyone else suffers from these types of migraines. I have been offically diagnosised with Fibromyalgia just recently. And have found this site and would like to talk with anyone else out there that is experiencing the same thing. Lady2
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    I don't have ocular migraines, but my 29 yr old son has them. They started about two years ago when he was attending a work related class out of town. His opthamalogist dx'd him and said they were nothing to worry about unless they began happening all the time. From what I can understand, the cause is the same as for regular migraines (w/o the pain). He loses his side vision . . . it's kinda like having tunnel vision (his description). I believe his is stress related. He doesn't have FM. This must be very disconcerting. His first experience lasted the longest . . . but, I'm sure it stressed him out not knowing what was happening. The times since have not lasted as long. I don't know if there is any relief . . . however, I believe he told me taking asprin helped him.


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    I get ocular migraines. Flashing lights, generally in my right eye, just on the outside edge. It sometimes progreses to a full-blown migraine, but usually not. Since they are not painful, I just ignore them until they go away. I had my retina checked, since the norm is to have them in both eyes, and I was worried about a possible detachment. Everything checked out OK - so it is just one more annoying thing.
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    I went through a period of time prior to my Diagnosis of FM and CFS, that I had a ocular migraines. Flashing lights (like a laser light show), vision that appeared to be like looking through a fractured mirror and all the pieces didn't fit, peripheral vision occluded. Usually they would come on abruptly, and then slowly wane. Sometimes I had a headache in the aftermath, but not always. I saw a Doc, and he diagnosed ocular migraines. I have not had any in a over a year now.
    The most debilitating aspect is that I was unable to function during them, and sat til they passed. I had one instance when driving, and pulled off the road and sat till my vision returned to normal. I was told that they did no damage, and often quit occuring, as mine did.
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    suffered from Ocular Migraine with the cfs/fms the whole 11 years I have had it.
    Sometimes it is my worst symptom & makes me utterly miserable :(