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    I have been very, very tired for the last few days--more than usual. Today, as I began moving through the store, I began to feel overwhelmed with feelings of foreboding, doom or something. I felt like something bad was going to happen and this feeling was interspersed with vague feelings of nausea. I had visions of vomitting or getting the dry heaves right in the middle of the store. I got kind of hot and sweaty--I could feel I fine film of sweat almost all over my body as I left the store. I was probably in the store for 15 to 20 minutes.

    This experience subsided some as we left the store. We went out for an early dinner as I could not see myself going home to cook. When I got home I layed down and slept for an hour.

    I am not sure why but the thought of having a heart attack fluttered throught my head as I went throught this thing.

    I just did a search on symptoms of a heart attack--

    Breathlessness and/or inability to catch your breath when waking up. NO

    Clammy sweating. KIND OF

    Dizziness--unexplained lightheadedness, possible blackouts. I DID FEEL ODD BUT NOT REALLY DIZZY, PERHAPS LIGHTHEADED

    Anxiety--unusual nervousness, feelings of impending doom. MOST DEFINITELY

    Edema--fluid retention and swelling usually of the ankles or lower legs.

    Fluttering--rapid heartbeats, palpitations. NOT THEN BUT I EXPERIENCE THIS NOW AND THEN

    Nausea--gastric upset. YES

    Feeling of heaviness, such as pressure-like chest pain between the breasts that may radiate to the left arm or shoulder. ABSOLUTELY NOT

    Anyone hear ever have a heart attack?

    I am still bothered by what happened. The vague nausea passed but I am feeling it some again. But then I have lots of nausea, stomach aches, and bowel upset--almost daily.

    I have been feeling depressed and down for several days--usually it passes quickly or I forget about it during the same day .

    I hated the feeling of foreboding.

    Anyone have any thoughts on my experience?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. bigmama2

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    i'll give a third vote for possible panic attack. i had ONE just once and it was similar to your description.( i thought i was having a heart attack or something else terrible.) i am very very glad that i never had another one.

    consider kjm's advice.

    good luck!

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    Happened to me, too. Not the foreboding part, but some of the other stuff you mentioned. Had the cardiac work-up and found I was fine except for a bit of a sticky valve. I was told that wasn't anything out of the ordinary for my age, and that lots of people have a valve that doesn't close quite as well as it is designed to. I didn't feel a bit panicky when this happened--just absolutely exhausted like I was going to have to lie down or fall down, hot and sweaty, and sort of spacey. It was hard to think. But some how I sort of knew it was just another CFS ting. And it was.

    My doc explained that this is a neurotransmitter problem and not at all unusual for CFS patients. Since then I've learned that if I get overheated it brings it on. Also, I need to be sure not to skip meals. Sort of a hypoglycemia state. Now I always carry a food bar--something with protein--with me and then head for a place to flatten out as much as possible. Have had to head for home several times. In fact, it happened just last Friday when I took my granddaughter to a local street fair. Had to give up the street fair and get where it was cool; then head for home. Bummer.
  4. MsE

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    The first time I had that heart pounding while at rest thingee was in an airplane on my way to Scotland. Now I'm not a bit nervous about flying, and this didn't happen until the last third of the trip. However, I was too warm and I was tired. My chest hurt, too, and I pressed on it to ease the sharp pain. Now that time I was getting worried--because of the chest pain--but it went away. Airplane food, maybe? :)

    I don't have much trouble with the cold, though. Sometimes get chilled for no darned reason, but a hot bath and cuddling under a quilt afterwards usually gets rid of it. What is crazy is when it is 72 degrees in the house and I'll suddenly chill. OR, when it is 65 degrees outside and I'm dying of heat. Definitely a broken thermostat.
  5. MsE

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    Wow! That is definitely cold. Brrrrrr.
  6. glenda2

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    i had this happen went to ER & it was a pannic attack...my hands were all drawn up like i had a stroke but they gave me med to calm the attack & my hands went back to normal. my hands & feet are always swollen so i'm not sure about that.
  7. Tizz

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    Those symptoms can be quite a number of things, including dehydration/low blood pressure (not that unusual in the summer heat), a panic attack, or - yes - maybe even a heart problem. You should definitely talk to your doc about it as soon as you can but don't stress out. There are quite a lot of things that can cause a temporary drop in oxygen to your brain. Alhough we don't know what triggered it, I think your brain may have gotten low on oxygen for a bit. [Oxygen deprivation can cause feelings of foreboding.]


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