Odd pain "waves" down leg, won't go away???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by happycfs, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. happycfs

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    Hello friends,

    I am wondering if anyone has any experience or ideas around this issue…

    I often have neuropathy pain and extremely hot burning in my toes, especially when I sleep. This is not that. I have been having these odd waves of pain in a very specific spot on the top front area of my right leg muscle. It started a few days ago and it has been coming and going throughout the day. It was waking me up all last night and as you know, we all really need every drop of sleep we can get! Today, the pain has been coming more frequently (every minute or two) and more severely. I have started feeling little hints of the same type of pain on my left leg now. …It feels almost as if someone is digging into a bad bruise in that area of my muscle. But I have no bruises and it is happening in little strips of my leg(s), with or without anyone touching them.

    I have tried massaging my legs, and I even used a shiatsu rolling back massager that I prop up on my couch/chair, just in case I was having some type of pinched nerve or something along those line. (My back is in pain all day, everyday.) Nothing seems to help in the slightest. I took anti-inflammatory supplements like fish oil, ginger and ibuprofen; I took lots of vitamins today; tons of water… Just can't find anything to help! Anyone know of any possible home remedies, supplements, techniques etc?? I have a suspicion it might be related to a deficiency of some sort. I also feel extra nauseous today, with some elevated joint pain as well. Either way, I am really getting nervous, and I am totally housebound already, so going to the doctor is an excruciating event.

    I would greatly appreciate any input and ideas so very much. Thank you friends!
  2. Soul*

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    Is there a docter that could give advise per telephone? That might be a wise idea.

    Did you try putting your legs up for a while or do you have access to a bath where you could try and relax in a little?

    If it might have to do with the bloodflow you could try making a hot and cold footbath and alternating the two bowls with one foot in the cold and one in the hot at the same time so the body will try to work out regulating the temperature and might improve the circulation.

    Do you take B12 supplements? They say if you have a B12 deficiency your feet and hands start to 'tingle'.

    It could just be something that is going around too though. Lots of people around here seem to be in increased pain. I have more pain too now and can't relate it back to anything specific I did.

    I would definitely contact a docter about it though, they may recognize what you describe and be able to relate it back to something. Internet forums are good for sharing experiences but not the best place for medical advise. Wish you the best, worry is never a good advisor but it's good to be alert and conctact a professional to be on the safe side.
  3. IanH

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    sounds postural to me, especially if it now progressing to the other leg. Remember that people with ME/CFS or FM must be careful about odd postural habits as they can impede blood flow and create mild nerve compression which heightens immune system response.

    postural strain such as from sitting with feet twisted or back under you, legs crossed, sitting with legs up under yourself. These postures can cause impeded blood flow and or nerve compression.
    Postural strain while sleeping. Consider elevating bed head (not pillows), or providing better support for the low back.
    Also consider the weight of bedding on top of you/feet.

    nerve compression at the hip or low back

    If the pain is arising from cramping muscles (you did say "waves") then consider magnesium 600mg, zinc 50mg, copper 50mcg and vitamin K2. It could take several days to have an effect.
  4. tamsyn

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    One of my main issues as a person with ME/CFS is nerve pain in my legs. I get the burning nerve pain in my feet and hands -- but I also get waves of nerve pain running up and down my legs. It's like slow electric shock: burning, tingling, moving up my legs. In my case, it's not due to postural problems, pinched nerves, injuries or anything else It just seems to be a CNS symptom of the ME. Taking magnesium, calcium, fish oils, CQ10 etc did not help. I've tried heat, cold, massage, putting my feet up...all to no avail. I find it's worse if I haven't slept, or if I've got over-fatigued through exertion. Bed rest for a day or two seems to be the only thing that helps diminish it. (Which is where I am this morning; in bed with painful legs!) Now I take it as a warning sign to slow down when my schedule has been too intense. I try to look on the positive: I can use the time to be here on this site, or to catch-up on my emails, or to read a good book. But the pain can be hard to take! Good luck with yours.

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