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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FMsolider, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. FMsolider

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    Anyone ever go to the ER and get a shot or IV of Morphine? I have had docs mention this to me from time to time. They have always made it seem like at some point all FMS people will have to do this, due to an out of control flare. I was in the ER/hospital last week for other reasons ( chest pains,) and they would not give me anything but, Naproxen. I never asked for morphine - I am not stupid I know they would have called me a drug seeker....anywho, just curious...
  2. 69mach1

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    gall bladder removal....then more morphine for shoulder surgery three years ago...i tell you fmsoldier

    it is pathetic...i woke up in recovery and the nurse asked me if i wanted another shot of morphien before i go home..i said i don't know..she said yes one for the road...

    she said it will burn at first but it will go rightaway..it stung but she was right....oh my god! i felt now pain...my head down to my toes....

    i felt like i could do cart wheels if i didn't have a sling on and know better....i cooked dinner that night...well the exbf decided to stay and get drunk at the bar that night opposed to take care of me or my son...that's cool...whatever..

    anyways...if i could have that drug everyday i would feel no pain....

    i do have dialuad...morpine tablet...but i use those from my shingles...and on my bad days that i know i will not be drivign anywhere..

  3. FMsolider

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    They said my chest pains and other scary symptoms were nothing serious - just a flare. I was crying in pain and I got Naproxen..what a joke. They kept me over night for pain control with no real meds. and no control of the pain. A had like 7 dumb doctors all for me - saying narcotics do nothing for fibro. Stupid jerks!!! The only reason I can even be here at the computer responding to you is because my Darvocet kicked in. Everthing I learn about this condition from the medical field contracdicts something another doctor said. I am always confused and angry.
  4. rosemarie

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    I would get a headache suddenly and it felt like someone had tied a belt around my head and was pulling on it while smashing my head, the pain was so bad and I was sensitive to light and sounds and the doctors asked me about giving my toradol and I can't take it as it gives me panic attacks and makes me so sick . So I was given either morphine or demoral. Along with phenergan for the nausea.

    But like I said that was a long time a go and most hospitals now will not do that, even when I shattered my left wrist I was given fentynal although it was 500 mic's of fentynal , it did not ease the pain and I had to have my shattered wrist set so I was also given 20 mgs of versed and I still was wide a wake and crying and begging them to not hurt me. They had my soon to be SIL hold me down and put my fingers in what looked to me like a chinse finger tourcher. And put a sheet over my arm and pulled hard as the finger thing pulled up wards and and it hurt like heck and I was given more fentynal and versed and then they put a splint on it and after 5 hours of beiing there in the ER I got to go home.

    I had to go back the next day and there was a different doctor who did NOT belivie in giving a patient any thing stronger than a Lortab 10 for my shattered wrist. I was so smbarassed when a nurse saw me comming in and said out loud to that the ER heard her "YOUR THE LADY FROM LAST NIGHT. WE GAVE YOU MORE FENTYNAL THATN WE HAVE EVER GIVEN TO ANY ONE ELSE AND YOU HAD OVER 500 MICS OF IT AND VERSED TOO. AND YOU STIL WERE AWAKE."

    This doctor ripped the splint off and in needed to be reset but I would not let him touch me any more as he had hurt me so much and I was finally given 2 does's of Morphine , ONe when I went in to the X-ray and one just before I left the hospital. And the doctor still complained that i was really being a baby about the pain as it could not be that bad.

    A week later I had surgery and I now have a titattium plate and six screws in my left wrist, For something that was NOT ALL THAT BAD.

    But unless your really in pain from an accident you generally will not be given morphine in the ER. The nurse's at our ER said that they don't like to keep it on the floor as there are to many drug seekers and it is a favorite medication. So they just don't keep it there.


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