Odd throat/ear pain

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  1. achy

    achy New Member

    I have been to tired, and in too much pain to post often, but I do read most of the posts. I am off oxy and back on ultram...what a rotten change... anywho

    Does anybody's throat AND ear hurt when you swallow or try to talk loud? It's not like a "sore throat" it feels more muscular..like the muscle that runs from your neck to the bottom of your ear canal.
    I have been to an ENT..he says it's TMJ. This is NOT my jaw.
    It's about 1/2 way between my shoulder and my ear on the side of my neck.
    This is driving me nutty. The moe I talk the moe it hurts.

    I greatly appreciate any suggestions.info.

    Warm fuzzies
  2. 2girls

    2girls New Member

    I can relate - been to 3 ENT's since last year and I have an appointment with a 4th next Friday. How long have you experienced this? I have had the sore throat/ear/jaw/tongue for a year now. And mine is also one sided (left side). I do have TMJ but I'm not convinced this is a result. I have no gag reflex - can touch the back of my throat. I wear a splint for the TMJ and find it also helps with the muscular throat/tongue thing.

  3. Nancy39

    Nancy39 New Member

    I too experience this strange pain. It goes from under my jawline up to my ears. My ears feel plugged often. I also get a pulling type pain under my tongue. It seems to be worse after I sing, eat, etc. Today I am starting to think it may be related to my reflux though because I was fine all day until after I ate some Mexican food which I started to reflux from and then the pain began. Do either of you have reflux problems? It was suggested to me that this could be the problem but I never really believed until today that it could be a possiblity. Mine seems like a muscular pain too. Glad to know I am not alone. Nancy
  4. achy

    achy New Member

    I too was on antibiotics...1 month of one thing (duh what was the name....lol) did the docy..and flagyl..its better for a while then whamo back again for no rhyme or reason.

    I have occasional reflux but maybe 1-3 times a month.
    the ENT did a ct scan of the sinus, nothing but chronic sinusitus showed there.

    I understand not wanting to see ANOTHER doc...I've discussed this wiht 3 none of them seem interested.
    I also get the ear fullness feeling..that was how this all started. Ear fullness....then the throat pain.

    I'm so tired of unsolved mysteries!

    Warm fuzzies

  5. 2girls

    2girls New Member

    Nancy - Yes I do have Gerds (reflux), but seemingly no doctor has yet made the connection. I also notice a difference when on antibiotics. I have had numerous infections for the past year and each time symptoms seem to get better (except mouth sores!). I actually noticed a gag reflex during these times.

  6. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Sounds to me like it`s an infection of a viral/bacterial type.
    It`s a problem that can`t be seen but is definately there.

    CFS/FM is usually a viral/bacterial infection, and this could be why it responded to the ABX.

    Mycoplasma for instance can take many months or years to completely eradicate, so introduce some natural antibiotics into your diet and hopefully that`ll do the trick.

    The only ones I know of at present are:- Garlic & Coconut either fresh or as an Oil supplement and Royal Jelly

    The Olive Leaf Extract is very potent & will kill all viral/bacterial & yeast infections, but is not an every day item, so need to read up on it first...

    Hope you have some relief soon.

    Love Pat

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  7. garyandkim

    garyandkim New Member

    muscle bulge and twist very noticably under my chin. I use Soma and ear drops to numb the pain it does help and lots of heat. The drops are used in kids and the doc has to gyve you a script. It's called Auroto otic solution. Also, if get gets real bad I believe you can have botox injection to stop it or at least control better. Our Doc does them in the neck so I'd think the front maybe.

    Good luck, Kim and Gary
  8. dhcpolwnk

    dhcpolwnk New Member

    I have throat and occasional ear pain, as well as jaw pain. I think some of the ear pain is referred pain from my jaw (I have TMJ syndrome), but for years I've gotten a pain in my neck just under my jaw (usually on the right side) that seems to be associated with headache and sometimes earache, especially when the weather seems to be changing a lot. I think some of my ear pain also may be referred fibro pain. The pain under may jaw doesn't seem to be worsened by talking or singing, though. You might want to have your vocal cords checked out.

    I also have had GERD for years, and the reflux definitely has gotten worse in the past year. I think that's partly because heartburn is a side effect of so many of the meds I take. But in any case, I have had a sore throat for years as well. I frequently get hoarse and occasionally have lost my voice completely. I no longer can sing at all, mainly because it just hurts too much. Not that I was ever very good at it, but I did enjoy it, and as a songwriter, I like to be able to perform my own songs at least as a sample to indicate where I want the words to go, as well as other things I might want to indicate to a better singer who might perform my work. But I don't know whether that will ever be possible now. It feels as if my throat is burned raw. I take Protonix twice a day and supplement occasionally with Zantac 75 and Tums.

    I know that klutzo believes most people with GERD actually have too little acid, instead of too much, but that doesn't seem to jibe with my experience. Taking anything with acid makes me feel worse, not better.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I have throat pain, jaw pain and occasional ear pain. I'm not sure whether I've had the kind of muscular pain you describe, though it sounds kind of familiar.

    By the way, does it hurt when you swallow? If so, I'd get that checked out right away. You don't want to aspirate some food or meds and wind up with pneumonia!

    --Laura R.M.

  9. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    I am sorry that you are experiencing this..but I am too and I have the sore muscles in my throat..it is different than actually having a sore throat like you might get with the flu or a cold. I do not have an answer..but it is just good to know that this is probably another fascinating symptom!
    Thanks again..Sherry
  10. severina

    severina New Member

    ..I get this too.
    I have thought that I had Tmj, although I havent checked it out. My 'sore throat' feels like its deeper into my neck/shoulder area, but sometimes I get hoarse as well. It comes and goes, and its pretty scary sometimes. Im assuming its another bizarre symptom of Fms.
  11. achy

    achy New Member

    You all gave me things to tink about. It's great to know somebody understands what I mean about it being muscular, not like a regular cold or flu sore throat. I do get those very often as many of us cf/fm'ers do and also go hoarse or raspy voiced.

    I noticed most of us have it just on the right side....hmmm

    The weather comment made me think too. This latest bout started about 3 days ago...when the weather changed from dry to wet. And hmmm today it is sunny and dry and it is just about gone.

    Another puizzle to ponder...

    Warm fuzzies

  12. fibromel

    fibromel New Member

    hi, i'm new here so i'll say hi right now.
    i also have odd pain in my throat and ears.
    it is every day and i am used to it now, but
    every time i visit the doc i have him check
    my ears because occasionally i have ear