"Ode" magazine, "for intelligent optimists"

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by therealmadscientist, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. therealmadscientist

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    Just came across a nice magazine. Ode. Actually advertises itself as "for intelligent optimists".

    Not Pollyannash, but has "real" good news.

    I liked an article about how some Dutch and German towns are totally getting rid of traffic signs. Only two rules: speed limit 35, and no left turns.

    Turns out that traffic accidents drop dramatically when people just use common sense. Bikes, pedestrians and cars seem to get along quite well.....even "archaic" eye contact and politeness come back.

    I think a few towns even getting rid of sidewalk/street borders. Just "street" like old days.
  2. victoria

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    looks like there's some interesting stuff there to read. I keep trying to tell my DH that being optimistic doesn't nickname me "PollyAnne" at all......... he always counters with the thought that reality IS grim, how can one not be slightly depressed at least...

    I still think it's the half-glass full or empty mindset however!

    RE the left turns - just heard on Tv the other day the UPS was plotting their driver's routes so they didn't take left turns (as much as possible) - this is a gas saving measure, as they don't have to sit with the motors idling as long. Makes sense all the way around. Hmmm, wonder if there's going to be a day that it will be illegal everywhere or you get charged somehow (with cameras at intersections, that's a possibility!)

    LOL -- am I turning into a pessimist or remaining an intelligent optimist?


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  3. Rafiki

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    Mr Bill.

    I return the favour with mcsweeneys dot net which is Dave Egger's site.

    It is not much like yours but I just found it and it's a good'n!

  4. Didoe

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    isn't Ode that dog Garfield the Cat torments?

    I saw a tv commercial that brought you to mind sir, not having met you, your online persona must be impressive...

    A commerical is for Dish DVR and the guy holding the remote is describing all the features on the DVR clicker in a Bush-y twang...

    Looking gleefully down at the remote he's holding, he points out "You can stop, go and oh, look...there's even a French word, Paawuuseay, that means pause," he grins back at the camera, sure you are as impressed with him, as he is with himself.

    BTW, 'intelligent optimists'=oxymoron
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  5. therealmadscientist

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    I think its pronounced "paw-say". I would never have a bushy-twang, or any bushisms, or any American regional accent. Though I do add "r's" to Warshington DC.
    I have been told that I have a good soothing radio voice. Perfect for hypnosis.

    Ode was certainly a "dogmatic optimist", though perhaps not portrayed as especially intelligent.

    Hmmm, think it is getting late.

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  6. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    For Ode magazine. I clipped off the picture of the magazine that they showed and am carrying it around in my wallet w/other book recommendations I've clipped. I looked for it in the mag section at Borders, but I didn't see it. Glad to know someone has seen a copy and like it. I'll keep looking!
  7. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    you wont find it...Garfield shreds copies to train his pet hamster.

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