Of all I have read here what makes the MOST sense to me

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    I cannot stop thinking about this.................

    Someone said a while back that an underactive adrenal system causes Chronic Fatigue and an overactive adrenal system causes Fibromyalgia.

    Of all I have ever read this makes so much sense to me. Adrenaline is a real problem for me and may of you, sensory overload, etc. It does explain everything that happens to us, perhaps the adrenal system bounces between underworking and overload.

    Has anyone done any serious research into this???


    Just my curious mind working, I guess I am still trying to find the reason for all this and the solution.

  2. danisue22

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    Hi Jaci, I've never done any study on this ,but it sure sounds interesting to me. I've often woudered the same thing.I've never heard of anyone ever doing a study on this either .I'm sure you'll get some replies, maybe some one knows.Good Luck Danisue
  3. Kathryn

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    that a person with BOTH CFS and FMS has a normal system? I would think that the fact that a large number of people have both conditions would pretty much squash this theory. Just my opinion.
  4. dlizard

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    do you have any dark areas on your body? ( sign of adrenal stuff).... I do , always have! eyes, elbows, digits of fingers, knees, most joints in fact!.... just curious? Good luck!
  5. AnnetteP

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    There are three phases of adrenal stress:

    1. Adaptation: slightly higher levels of certain adrenal hormones.

    2. Alarm: sustained excessive levels of certain adrenal hormones.

    3. Exhaustion: adrenal hormones plummet from excessively high to excessive low.

    So, the suggestion made would be that in one phase you have CFS, but in another you have FM. (You could also say that if you have Cushing's-excess cortisol then you have FM and if you have Addison's--insufficient cortisol you have CFS; but I tend to fall on the Cushing's side and have CFS.) Unfortunately, the two problems (CFS/FM) usually go hand-in-hand, although some of us, like myself, suffer with only one condition.

    I have an overactive adrenal system and suffer with CFS (so that dispells that idea of CFS being related to an underactive system). While I take NOTHING for it, I DO take a large dose of thyroid meds (my dr. monitors my cortisol). I have experienced tremedous relief with this (especially when taking T3), and while I really only deal with FM when I'm in a flare, lots of people with full-blown FM have gotten relief with the same treatment (see Dr. Lowe's site). So, for me, my issue is CFS, but the same treatment is often used for FM with equal success.

    I think most of us deal with adrenal issues, and that also should be considered. If someone has a serious adrenal problem, and is taking thyroid meds, the situation can be made worse. So, for example, if someone tries a high dose of thryoid meds and feels worse, he/she may be lead to think, "Oh, I guess I don't need thyroid meds afterall," when the truth of the matter may be that yes, they DO need the meds, but they also need adrenal support.

    Its not unusual to have adrenal and thyroid problems at the same time, but I don't believe the problem lies soley with adrenals. I think low thryoid is much more to blame than adrenal imbalances. For me, low thryoid is a CONSTANT situation, whereas excess cortisol is cylical and almost always coincides with increased stress. I can bring down my stress level, and thus my cortisol level, but I cannot affect my low thyroid without supplementation.

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    hi jaci-

    my understanding was that CFS & FM are essentially the same thing, excpet that with FM, you have muscle achiness/soreness more than fatigue-- well, you have both obviously- but the soreness is more debilitating...

    and that with both, they are the result of too much stress for too long which has caused a depleted/worn-out adrenal system. i never heard anything about underfunctioning=CFS and overfunctioning=FM...
    it's good to keep questioning and searching though,....

    anyone else??

  7. kadywill

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    OK, I have FMS, we assume, and I suffer from horrible giant hives and angioedema CHRONICALLY. I HAVE to give myself shots of Adrenalin PRN for the swelling in my eyes, mouth, nose and throat to lessen so that I can breathe and LIVE. After the adrenalin, I, of course, have the shakiness and racing heart, but the symptoms get much better and the itching is relieved somewhat. Does this mean to you that my body doesn't make enough adrenalin??? If so, how come I suffer from fight or flight reactions often, giving me the notion that my adrenalin is in overdrive at the time. Does this make any sense? What do you think? I also have Hypothryroidism and take a low dose of Levoxyl each day. I told you that my doctor won't prescribe Armour because he says it isn't as reliable as some people think it is. Could all of this be tied together in my case, the cortisol levels, the thyroid, the adrenalin and the?FMS???
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  8. AnnetteP

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    Do I think there's a connection? Simply stated: yes.

    I can't emphasize enough that you get a good thyroid book, such as the one I most often refer to, "Thyroid Power," by Richard L. Shames, M.D. and Karilee Shames, R.N., Ph.D.

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  9. idiotsinc

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    I think the adrenal problems are a symptom, not a cause. Our metabolism is screwed up from a lack of rest. Some people have an increase, some a decrease. Need to get to the root of the problem.

  10. AnnetteP

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    I KNOW what my root cause is: I'm co-dependant!

    There are two possible solutions to the problem:

    1. I could join a 12 step program and learn how to stop being a people-pleaser, or

    2. All the men in my life (my father, my ex-husband, and my ex-boyfriend) could get on the next space shuttle, with a one-way, no-return ticket.

    Seriously, I do not handle stress well and, consequently, my breathing becomes shallow. I get constipated and start feeling anxious. My adrenals come out of hibernation and start making up for lost time.

  11. idiotsinc

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    Understand those feelings completely. It's probably not codependence as much as it's anxiety that's causing these feelings. I've lived off of the rush caused by anger, fear and other kinds off anxiety for years. Made up for my fatigue. I've learned to better control these emotions and seem to have lost the energy they provided me. See my post on my doctor's appointment tommorrow.

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    The whole HPA axis (hypothalmic-adrenal-pituitary) is suppressed in FMS and CFS. This dysregulation can cause over and under-reactions, depending on many variables. You are looking at one puzzle piece, albeit a very important one.
    I too have major problems with too much adrenalin being released. I was stung by a bee once after I got FMS, having never been allergic to them before despite many stings, and the adrenalin reaction was so swift and so severe that I almost died from what it did to my heart. It didn't even give the bee sting time to swell up at all! If someone sneaks up behind me and says "boo", my heart will pound for the next 20 mins. and I'll get short of breath and have to take Xanax, so believe me, I empathize with your problem.

    To dlizard --- it sounds to me like you should be tested for Addison's disease if you haven't been already. FMS patients sometimes have brownish discoloration of the skin where we sweat, esp. along the hairline and neck, but the discoloration of elbows, eyelids,etc. that you describe sounds more like Addison's. Better safe than sorry.