Of painting, puppies and fibro ( a vent, of sorts)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BethM, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. BethM

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    We've been in process of having the interior of the house painted for 3 weeks now. Ever have 'popcorn' ceilings spray painted? If you can avoid it, don't, the paint is extremely toxic.

    Between the toxicity of the constant paint fumes and the stress of living in a chaotic household for several weeks (I can't find anything, it's all piled up in the middle of rooms...GAAAACK!), I feel like I have a bad cold, heading south into my lungs. My FMS has been awful, and pain levels from it and the osteo and DDD have all been warring to see which can escalate first and fastest.

    On top of all this, on Sat. the 22nd, I went to PetSmart to buy dog food, and came home with an 11 month old bundle of energy, a Scotty/Llasa Apso mix puppy. She is bright and funny and loving, and is a good dog, if I can get past the chewing phase with her. The best part is that she makes me laugh. I smeared peanut butter inside a ball that is supposed to have biscuits stuffed into it, and she was just so funny last night, trying to get at the peanut butter! Kept her busy and out of trouble for half an hour.

    The moral of this story is: DON'T be anywhere near where popcorn ceilings are being sprayed, try to be elsewhere when the interior of your house gets painted, and believe in puppy power!

    It's been a long 3 weeks.

  2. baby-bear

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    I do know about the ceilings and especially the puppy power. I have a wonderful year old now but she is the light of my life along with my hubby!! You go girl...pammy
  3. BethM

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    I'm trying to hang in! Just need my house back to it's former state of semi-order. It'll be a lot cleaner, at least, and the new paint is lovely, shades of green and brown, and the trim and the laundry room and study are a pearly gray white. My living room will look like an undersea vision, very calming, just what I need! My home is my haven, a place where I can curl up and avoid the rest of the world if I need to, so I can heal. Or at least it will be, after the chaos ends. I'm waiting, trying to maintain patience.


    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    Can't agree with you more about the paint. I learned my lesson while helping to paint my daughter's bathrooms. Boy, did I suffer afterwards.

    I'll bet your new puppy is so cute. I will be able to pick up my new puppy soon. She will be 8 weeks old this week. The owner lets them leave their mommy at 9 weeks. I can't wait. Her name will be Zoe and she is a Tibetan Terrier. I have wanted a dog of this breed for a long time.

    I do believe that cats and dogs are good therapy for people who suffer with illnesses.
  5. Shirl

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    Learned my lesson a long time ago with paint! any kind of paint will put me in a state of total devastation for months.

    My husband renovated my kitchen a few years ago, he changed all the cabinets, and put in the large drawers on the botton ones so I would not have to stoop down to get things, built a pantry for the canned foods, worked out wonderful, but all the new cabinets, paneling, etc. almost killed me.

    He never got to do the ceiling, I refused to get that sick for anything anymore. I can live with that unpainted ceiling! If you came here, I would tell you 'don't look up'! The popcorn is the worst, thats what is in here, was here when we got the house.

    I need new carpet, but am afraid of all the dyes etc. that will go along with that too. I think I am going to do what Marilyn did, the Prago floors.

    At least you went to Pet Mart and came home with a puppy, I went to the Super Market and a puppy 'found me' in the store!
    I tried to find an owner all over the store and parking lot, even left my phone number with the manager in case someone came looking for her, but guess what?

    I now am the proud owner of about a now year old mixed breed of Chihuahua/Dachshund, about 4lbs of nothing but energy!
    She is a dark brindle, and I finally named her Penny, I would not name her in case her owner called, but after two weeks, well I guess I am her owner. She brings the total of 'fur kids' here to five. Couldn't survive without them. Pets are the best therapy for all of us.

    Take care, and I sure hope the odors etc. get out of your home soon.

    A professional house painter told my husband to rid the house of paint fumes, take stale french bread and put it in a large container of water, he claimed it will absorb the oder quickly.

    Be sure to drink a lot of water, and take extra vitamin C.

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    Sounds like good paint fume cure, I
    was told a bucket of water with some
    vinegar in it. It works too but house
    stinks of vinegar then. Oh well. I wish someone would just come and paint over my mess and dust, would get a gas mask and deal with it. Hubby started room nearly a year ago
    and so far only the shell is done. If
    he would finish it it would free up
    current laundry room for my jet tub
    which is sitting on driveway, also for nearly a year. He HAS to say he
    "can't" do something for a LONG time
    before he finishes something. STRESS!! I have too many furry ones,
    but couldn't pick one to let go. Made
    mistake of bringing in some feral kittens for Halloween night two years
    ago..added to my own 4, and of course
    all ended up "fixed" and still in. Plus 4 small dogs inside and two Danes in back yard, bunny and birds.
    Enjoy the puppy, what fun!! and good
    to adopt!! Thanks for uplifting post.
    My dad made one room of two once with
    popcorn ceiling..made popcorn for
    the space wall left from cat litter.
    Was funny to see him put some up and
    half fall before all was done. Worked
    though. Thanks again! Hugs, Bambi