"Off Balance" after exercise--please help???

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    I have had severe FM & CFS since I was 10. Just finished my Doctorate last year in Piano Performance and then had a really bad flare in October. Have not been able to play piano since then. My blood pressure is high and so is my blood sugar. My doctor has me on strict diet & exercise. However, I walked 2 miles last night with my husband and it was one of the most gruelling 45 minutes of my life. Near the end I could not even walk straight...my balance was completly off...felt like I was walking on the ocean. Today I am still feeling the effects and had to end up taking some motion sickness meds to help. I am at work but not feeling well...hurting from the walking. I feel my doctor does not understand...he keeps saying exercise more and that will help me sleep better but I am in total pain just from the walking. Can anyone help? I thought I would literally pass out, throw up or something last night the exercise was so bad!!!
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    Your body is saying it all. Too much!

    For some folks excerise is the worst thing you can do. Like alot of docs excerise is what we are NOT supposed to do. Rest is key.

    If you keep pushing your body when it is screaming stop you could run the risk of a permement crash. There alot of good articles on this. ahummingbirdsguide.com also youtube has great stuff and here.

    slow down
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    I agree your body is saying you are doing to much.

    I only walk for exercise but some days it might be to the mailbox or sometimes maybe 5 minutes or 10 minutes~

    After I was first diagnosed with FM I went to a PT and he said I wasn't exercising enough that I needed to do more ~ but I could only do 2 minutes of simple aerobics before I would feel like I was going to pass out. So it didn't take me long to figure out that wasn't the right thing to do.

    I would definitely start out slowly with the walking and only increase when you are able but listen to your body .

    The other thing that has been hard for me to learn is to pace myself during the
    day ~ but I'm doing better , resting is very important when we have fibro.

    Please rest and listen to your body.

    Hope you feel better, Gentle hugs, Susan

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    thanks for the info.. but do you have any suggestions as to how to help the weight to come off? The Dr. wants me lose at least 70 pounds to lower my blood pressure & blood sugar...which was 110 fasting.
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    Hi!. Ive been ill since 1989 and have gotten well enough to become a self employed personal trainer and dietitian. You ARE doing too much. I know how it feels when the blood pools in your feet. Walking is the hardest thing for PWC's to do. Put you legs up higher than your body and rest a bit. Don't do that again. I take Lisinopril for my high blood pressure and it also enables me to stand for much longer periods of time. (It made a huge difference). I take a multivitamin that is also for blood sugar control called GlucoPower, and it works. You have to take exercise slow.The best place to start is in the pool. Another way to do it is to get a trainer who specializes in people with medical conditions. If you can't, you can do gentle exercises laying on the floor to start, like leg lifts, lower abs, 1 lb weights for chest exercises. You can find them on the net, or you tube.
    Stretch. Very important. Just do 15 minutes to start. That's it! Do you take magnesium for the FM pain? It is a necessity if you have pain. Has your MD discussed that with you?

    For diet, decrease your carbs to 60 g a day; no refined carbs; none of the white ones as the other person said. Eat as much fiber as possible
    to decrease your blood sugar. It will slow down the release of insulin into your bloodstream, and decrease your hunger. Eat 6 small meals, always with a little protein at each.

    I take a low dose of elavil before bed to sleep. It works and helps with muscle pain. No sleep meds.

    Hope this helps. Take it slow, and eventually you will be able to build up to more exercise; but not without treating your problems as well. There are MD's who specialize in integrative medicine who can help.

    Carol O.

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