Off Balance is it the DD or Allergies/Sinus?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Oh, my head is all congested, ear fullness, the horrible off balance feeling. Could this be allergies rather than CFS/FM ?

    I have heard allergies can make one feel miserable, I don't have the watery eyes, runny nose, the typical allergy symptoms . Mine are the head congestion, especially of the morning, the ear fullness, ringing 24/7, the horrible off balance feeling. The doc said sinus but I don't have a fever, my mucus is clear, well white and thick, sorry to be gross.

    My body aches all over and I am so fatigued. I am beginning to wonder if allergies could be a cause.

    Anyone experience this? I do have an appointment with an immunulogist (sp) next month.

    I have had these symptoms ever since I was Dx with CFS so not sure if these symptoms are CFS or another cause.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    It could be both.

    Before I got sick , I had very few problems with allergies. After I got sick , I started "developing" allergies.

    The symptoms you describe could be a combination of the two.

    Blessings ,


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  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks, Bill for your input, do you mind telling me what you take for your allergies and are your symptoms somewhat like mine.

    Jamin, I doubt if I take anything for my immune system, I take centrum vitamins, vit. D, calicum, flax seed thats about it. At one time I was taking a lot of supplements but like everything I don't keep up with it. I did try the grapeseed extract but since I take bufferin daily (aspirin)
    650 mg daily, I stopped taking it due to the thinning of the blood . Not that I had any problems just wasn't sure if I should take both.

    Do you recommend any thing for the immune system?

    Appreciate any advice,


  4. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Several researchers are finding the allergies and these illnesses can go together.

    it could be food allergies. They manifest without the traditional running nose, watery eyes. Could be sinus congestion or swollen abdomen.

    The balance issue may be due to the congestion - equilibrium is off due to sinus issues.

    COuld be related to illness or could be separate.

    I am having food allergies which manifesting as swollen abdomen. I take a benadryl and a ranitidine at night. The first is an H1 blocker and the second is an H2 blocker.

    But I suggest you try to find the cause rather than take meds, if possible.

    There is also delayed food allergy testing but I don't believe it is covered by insurance. That is why I am taking meds, until I can afford the testing.

    I do a sinus wash with saline which helps to keep sinuses cleared out as bacteria can grow.

    let me know if you want more info or you could google it.

  5. slowingdown

    slowingdown New Member


    I've posted to your messages before because our symptoms often sound so similar. I had an MRI to test for MS and now my neurologist wants me to have a nerve conduction test. The problem is I have to wait a month for any test to be done. I had another horrible flare like you described a few weeks ago. It took 2 weeks to slowly come out of it. As my husband says, I'm now back to my normal 40% - 50%, but it feels great to have that much back. I decided to go to an allergist after this last flare as I just got tired of the waiting game. Allergy testing for environmental things showed nothing, so I was told that the fullness, etc. was not allergies. This was good to know since my internist had said to take antihistamines. I got off those quickly. The allergist and chiropractor then teamed up to request 9 different blood tests that hadn't been done yet. I just got some results back today. It doesn't look like MS, Lupus or RA. What did show up was elevated Reverse T3 Thyroid, high glucose, and very high Epstein Barr virus. The puzzle pieces are beginning to fit together. My flares are clearly related to a recurrent inner ear virus and these other issues don't help matters. Get your doctor to test for Reverse T3 since they often don't do this; they stop with a TSH. I've now learned that people can have low thyroid without having a very high TSH. Doctors will wait until the nerve conduction test before deciding on a course of treatment for me. The EBV can cause nerve damage which can feel like fullness. The allergist told me that just because you feel fullness in the ear, it doesn't mean that there is a fluid buildup; it could be the sensations caused by nerve damage. Please ask your doctor for more tests. You have suffered too long with this. The allergy tests on the back didn't take long at all. I think you should have that done for your peace of mind. You have to begin ruling some things out. God Bless!

    BILLCAMO New Member

    It is common with CFS to develop a sensitivity to many things that never bothered you before. They often produce allergic-type reactions like the ones you described above. I also get rashes.

    The body aches , fatigue , ringing ears , and off-balance feelings are most likely from your CFS. But , not necessarily exclusively from it.

    I can't advise you on anything that may help. I've used several supplements and none helped me very much for very long. On my limited budget I now have to rely on patience and acceptance.

    Other people here have given you some good suggestions that may help you. Everyone is different.

    Blessings ,

    Due to brain fog , I had to edit.....I'm seriously considering trying colloidal silver to see if it will help me with many things. I'm leaning towards Silver Biotics because of the research I've done. But , I still need to find some funds to try it......[This Message was Edited on 07/10/2008]
  7. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Well, I made it out of town and had my allery test, all were negative except a small reaction to cats.

    She tested my vit. D my D3 was low so she wants me to see my PA so I have an appointment Monday.

    I am still have the ear fullness, off balance, body aches and feel lousy. I have been mostly housebound just can't get any energy to do anything.

    Waiting for my doc's appoint Mon. but feel I will leave there knowing very little.

    Slowingdown, thanks for your info. Never thought about the EBV virus causing the ear fullness etc. I will also ask for the T3 reverse test. I do hope for some answers, knowing something would relieve the anxiety so much.

    Thanks and God Bless,
  8. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    I've dealt with allergy/congestion issues that started with my illness too, I think it's pretty common. And I also had a vit D deficiency (which, since treating, my panic attacks got lots better but stuffy nose did not).

    I think allergies and these disorders are definitely related ... there are lots of things online about allergies, good reading.

    Some words of caution: don't necessarily trust allergy tests ...what type did you get?? I was skin tested for nearly everything under the sun (pets, mold, trees, plants, pollen, foods, etc .. I had marks ALL over my back, and was injected in my upper arm) and didn't show up positive for anything but dust mites (to which i thought "what human isn't allergic to dust mites? haha, how it is healthy or normal to inhale the dead bodies and feces of little dust mites? yuck")

    The allergist I saw was convinced my CFIDS was all due to dust mite allergy- well, hahaha ... despite all the allergy meds, using an air filter, nasal rinsing, buying a brand new mattress, and encasing all my bedding to trap the dust mites ... and I still had a stuffy nose and slightly puffy eyes whenever I woke up in the morning ... so I went off allergy meds.

    NOW my CFIDS is gone and I consider myself to be recovered, but I'm still stuffy ...

    Now my naturopathic doc thinks that I have big food allergies: dairy, wheat, eggs ... so I'm trying to steer clear of those foods ... wonder if it will decrease my congestion.

    Have you tried nasal rinses? You can use a "neti pot" or plastic bottle (search via google for examples) and you pretty much flush your sinuses with saltwater (don't do it with plain water! it burns!) and I do that every morning in the shower ... it's GREATLY boosted my immune system (like I said, I'm pretty healthy now, and I barely get colds anymore, maybe 2-3 a year). Anyway, I suggest rinsing to see if that relieves some of your symptoms. Won't "solve it" but it could help. :)
  9. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Yes, I have tried the rinse, I can't tell it helps that much but it doesn't hurt.

    I awake every morning with a headache, once I am up it usual goes away. I don't mind the congestion its this off balance, crazy head feeling ear fullness I have, not to mention anxiety, its so horribe. My body aches and I am just miserable .

    Now, I am wondering if this is even sinus or I am just going crazy.

    I had the blood allergy testing. I am suppose to go back after I see my PA due to my vit. D being low.

    The Immunologist said exercise would help with CFS, well it puts me to bed.

    So glad you are feeling better, that is wonderful to hear.

    God Bless,
  10. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Could be allergies

    I know when my allergies are flaring, I feel this way and it is awful

    Could you be allergic to some food you are eating?>

    Have you been tested for food allergies??
  11. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    If you are congested AND feeling off balance, I bet it's your ears- your inner ears- related to your sinuses. I get like that too. I don't think you are crazy- I think you have fluid build up behind your eardrum.

    I wish you luck with the next appt.

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